Thursday Trios – June 30, 2022

coming down from a high after my first solo art show opening

Three of my art pieces from the show
A trio of friends – we’ve known each other for more than 30 years

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An Eclectic Collection of Trios

….for this week’s Thursday Trios I have a variety of subjects

Sorry for the delay for this week’s Thursday Trios. I had every intention of posting right after I returned from visiting a friend who is convalescing in long term care. While I was there the city was hit with a massive rain storm and when I got home I discovered that our internet was out. It took hours before it got up and running again.

Three Suzuki tone chimes – Hand Bells
Roses for Diane’s anniversary
Cleaning up the leaves around the cottage
Three friends enjoying a game of lawn bowling…..can you see the other trio?

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November Photo a Day – Dark Red

…thanks to City Sonnet for hosting theĀ November Photo a Day Challenge

Today’s prompt is Dark Red.


My Dad’s Love

…..even at 90 Dad gets excited about my birthday

Days before my birthday, Dad went shopping and picked up two dozen red roses that he kept hidden in his apartment. On the morning of my birthday he got up early and brought up the roses, a box of chocolates and a birthday card and set them on the kitchen table. When I woke up an hour later I was greeted with this lovely gift.


Later in the evening my husband, Dad and I went out for dinner at a new restaurant in the neighbourhood. Actually the restaurant has been there for ten years but it was our first visit. We had a lovely meal together.


I’m truly blessed that Dad is still so vibrant and healthy. He really has a zest for life.

Flower of the Day – June 22 – Rose

….I wish I could say that this beautiful rose is from my garden but alas it’s not

On our walk this morning I came across numerous beautiful flowers to share with you this week. My neighbourhood is a haven of gorgeous gardens. My poor peony plant still hasn’t opened completely. In fact at the moment it is looking rather sad. Hopefully in a day or two the blooms will erupt to their full potential.

Three block over the house on the corner lot is awash in pink roses.