National Bowtie Day, National Red Wine Day and My Birthday

….last Saturday was all those things and Saturday Sloth was a little more animated than normal


It was a wonderful birthday that ended up spreading over three days with family and friends dropping by for wine and food. Thanks for all the lovely flowers and gifts but most of all your company.

Thursday Trios – It’s Cheaper When You Buy Three

my husband couldn’t resist a bargain

Preserves from the Farmers’ Market
Vine Tomatoes are always the best
Three orange button flowers in my bouquet

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First Ice-cream of the Summer

…on Tuesday this week when we had the hottest day of the summer so far

On Tuesday I decided to drive through High Park and stop and take some photos of the flowers. The flowers were a bit disappointing. I think the gardeners were more focused on the Gypsy Moths that were defoliating much of the trees in the park. I’m happy to report that the mess on the roads that my husband experienced the week before had been resolved and the only evidence that there had been a problem was the sparse canopy in the wooded areas. Normally this time of year the trees are very lush and full but this year the caterpillars had quite a feast and there was a lot of light coming through the trees.

I quickly realized that the heat was going to be a problem but then I noticed that the ice-cream vendor was open and I decided to purchase my first ice-cream of the season.


I enjoyed my treat in a nice shady area but I soon realized once I started walking that ice-cream on a hot day doesn’t necessarily cool you down and it actually makes you more thirsty.

Thursday Trios – Another Special Delivery

I love receiving parcels at the door

Last week I had a trio of wine arrive at the house for a special wine tasting Zoom meeting. Last night my husband and I enjoyed a bit of all three wines paired with cheeses and the special jellies that were also sent with the wine. There were close to 50 participants and both my husband and I were glad that the meeting was muted until the end if you wanted to ask questions. Being muted allowed us to be less self conscious and say whatever we wanted to each other. Even my husband had to admit that it was fun.

Tonight I signed up for another Zoom meeting (also organized by Alumni Week for the University of Guelph) but this time it is for a craft beer tasting. Not sure how this one will work because I can’t imagine tasting all six beers in one sitting. We’ll see how it goes.

I love the labels and the original names on Craft beer cans.

Do any beers pictured here pique your curiosity? Experimental Farm Ale has my attention.

A trio of rosebuds to round out my Thursday Trio post.


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Thursday Trios – A Gallery from the Past

…..apart from the last photo all the rest were pulled from the archives

My winning trio after their race two years ago
Pumpkins at a roadside farmer’s stall
Christmas decoration on the lawn in the neighbourhood
From my garden in previous years
Last year’s harvest of pumpkins from my garden
Captured yesterday in the park

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Thursday Trios – May 13, 2021

….any photo with three objects, animals or people


The last two photos were taken on the same day but thousands of kilometres apart. My son in London, England was very pleased to come across these three Canada Geese goslings in his neighbourhood park (last photo) and I was delighted to come upon a family of Canada Geese on my walk this morning in our neighbourhood park.

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My Husband’s Bright Idea

thanks to Becky B for hosting BrightSquare

Last Saturday my husband surprised me with another date night. We both got dressed up to enjoy a delicious dinner that a local restaurant partially prepared and delivered to our door. Most of the courses are completely prepared and only need to be heated up or finished in the oven and the pasta is measured but needs to be cooked at home. My husband loves to cook so none of this is a chore for him and he loves to plate food. One of the best parts of this meal is that all the proceeds go to charity and this group of young professionals donates the money to St. Joe’s Health Care Centre.

Not only was this a bright idea but it was also the bright spot or highlight of my week. Here are a bunch of square photos that should make up for the days I’ve missed.