Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Review

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Reviewing my day in Hamilton. Had I known that I was going to do this I would probably have taken more photos.

My daughter and daughter-in-law had appointments in Hamilton to get their hair done and the car isn’t very reliable anymore for long trips so I volunteered to drive them in my car. I haven’t been back to the downtown core of Hamilton since our daughter moved to New Brunswick.

The first thing I did was drop the girls off at the salon and then I drove to Denninger’s. It’s a German deli that has been in Hamilton since Rudolf Denninger immigrated to Canada from Germany with his wife. The family owned business has grown from the original store on King St. in Hamilton to 5 stores, a warehouse and a manufacturing facility, employing 300 people in southern Ontario. https://denningers.com/pages/about-us

The visit was bittersweet because so many things in the store reminded me of my father, who passed away almost two years ago. I picked up many things that had a special meaning for me. My father loved chocolates, herring and small oranges like clementines. The cashier asked me if I was all right because I had tears in my eyes. I told him they were happy tears. I spent way too much money.


After my shopping trip at the deli I drove back to Mulberry and MacNab because I knew that I could park there for free and I walked up James St. to the wool shop. I had some money left on a gift certificate from the Hand Knit Yarn Store. It wasn’t for a large amount but I thought I would check out the new merchandise. I haven’t been there since before COVID, over two years ago. Everyone was very friendly and using up the remainder of the gift card was no problem. Again I spent way too much money. https://handknityarnstudio.com/

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After my purchase of yarns I walked around the corner to Arcana Salon https://www.arcanasalon.ca/ to check on the girls. Andrea had another 1 1/2 hours to go, so I walked back towards my car and my favourite coffee shop in Hamilton, Mulberry Coffeehouse https://www.mulberrycoffeehouse.com/. Along the way I stopped to take some photos of flowers and Interesting doors.


Once I was in the coffeehouse, I ordered a tea and a breakfast sandwich. It was very busy, as it always is and I was lucky to find a seat at a counter. I pulled out the book that I am currently reading but I didn’t get too far. Josie walked in with her new haircut and wanted to visit the Farmers’ Market which was within walking distance from the cafe. When I finished my tea we made the trek to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market and we were delighted to see that most of the vendors had survived the COVID restrictions and closures. I purchased two large bunches of basil and garlic after overhearing another customer talk about making pesto with his purchase. I thought it was a great idea. In the next post I’ll show you our busy day making and putting the pesto into jars.

Andrea met us at the market. We walked around a little bit more and I treated myself to a bunch of flowers. My Dad also enjoyed buying flowers for me and my husband used to do it weekly. We headed back to the car with our bags of produce in hand and then made our way back to Toronto.

That evening we shared a meal together and I cooked up the spaetzle that I bought earlier. Kevin had made a lovely beef stew that complimented the German noodles perfectly. To burn off some of the calories from our meal, the girls and I and Olive went for a long walk through the neighbourhood. What a perfect day!


Tuesday Textures – Beyond Its Best Before Date

….some things in my garden weren’t picked in time

When our granddaughter was here she went out every morning and picked the ripe and not so ripe tomatoes, peppers and beans. Now that she’s gone some of the bounty from my garden has been left too long on the vine. Miss you Winnie!

The textures here are wrinkled, withered, dried and ruptured.


Thursday Trios from my Daughter’s House

yesterday I had dinner with my daughters and granddaughter


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Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Mini

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Wall of mini paintings, Paris, France
Mini carrousel in Tours, France
Mini Tourists looking at the Miniature replicas of architecture in Tours, France
Mini Burgers of Foie Gras, Tours, France
Mini Museum at Curve Gardens, London, UK
Mini Iris
Mini ladybug
Mini pine cones

Thursday Trios – July 14, 2022

a trio of ripe red tomatoes and three purple cone flowers


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Thursday Trios – June 2, 2022

….from the archives

A trio of unusual fashions
Three red chairs
Three Scones
Three Soda Breads
Three green canoes
A Trio of Mini Pretzels

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Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Chop

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The prompt is Chop. It could be a number of things like chopping meat or wood or anything that comes to mind when you hear the word chop.