Quirky Creature – Days 161 and 162

…..365 Days of Art

Around day 5 of our trip to London, my husband and I ventured to the British Museum. We quickly realized that going to any museum in the middle of the week meant that we would be surrounded by hoards of school children on field trips.

After leaving the museum we found a wonderful gallery directly across the street that featured wonderful ceramics. We were immediately drawn in by a series of ‘quirky’ creatures with human characteristics. The artist is Sylvie Favre from Paris.IMG-8896

For the next two nights I attempted to sketch a couple of these wonderful creations. I used a graphite pencil and a blending stump.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

….thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting theĀ Photo a Week Challenge

The first set of photos were taken through a window of a double decker bus and from the second story of our apartment in London.

The windows on the bus and from the apartment were not particularly clean so I was quite surprised that they turned out as well as they did.

365 Days of Art – While in London

…I did actually find some time to do some drawing when I was in London

Days 159 and 160

I’ve been trying to practice drawing more quirky characters. I did manage two pages of these lovely ladies while staying in our Airbnb in London. I found the best time to draw was when everyone had gone to bed.IMG-8910