Meet Willabee Waspnest

….another Wacky Bird Wednesday

Seriously that’s his name. Our avian hump day friend is an early riser. It takes him a while to get that hair just right. Doesn’t Winnie come up with the best names?


Saturday Sloth (or Sunday Sloth)

….a new art challenge for Kevin

A while back our five year old granddaughter wondered by Papa didn’t make Saturday Sloths. Kevin couldn’t ignore the request so he has now added sloths to his collection of drawings. Sloths are slow and can be characterized as lazy so if Kevin doesn’t get the sloth drawn by Saturday he doesn’t feel bad.

This week’s sloth is my favourite so far so I’ve decided to share it with you.


Sculpture Saturday – July 24, 2021

thanks to SMKelly for hosting Sculpture Saturday

Outside Creelman Hall at the University of Guelph. The university was originally an agricultural school and to this day it still offers courses in farming and animal husbandry. This metal sculpture of a tractor with a farmer in the driver’s seat is new to me and my husband. I studied Family Studies here and met Kevin some 48 years ago through a friend who lived next door to me.


TGIFFF – Two Tonguelys for the Price of One

….last week I was away when Kevin finished his latest Tonguely picture and I didn’t get around to posting it

Looks like Tonguely wanted to learn how to cook but he thinks that fudge is a food group. This week he wanted to celebrate National Vanilla Ice-cream Day but then he discovered that it was also Gorgeous Grandmother Day. Since he loves his Granny he decided to spend the day with her and share a cone or two.


Monday Murals – July 12, 2021

….thanks to Sami for hosting Monday Murals

Yesterday I discovered this storage bin in the children’s playground in my neighbourhood. I loved how someone took a relatively unattractive metal box and brought some life and joy to it with paint.