A ‘Commingling’ of Swans, Gulls, Ducks and Geese

….after discovering some unfamiliar words in the latest book I’m reading

I thought it might be fun to take new words and find photos to illustrate their meaning.

[kəˈmiNGɡ(ə)l, käˈmiNGɡ(ə)l]

commingles (third person present) · commingled (past tense) · commingled (past participle) · commingling (present participle)
  1. mix; blend:
    “the dust had commingled with the rain” · “publicly reproved for commingling funds”
early 17th cent.: from com- ‘together’ + mingle.

Lesson 200 – 100 Photographs

…..Carla Sonheim gave us as assignment to go out and shoot 100 photos in the neighbourhood

I love this type of assignment. It gets me out walking and it makes me really look at a my surroundings. Once we took the photos we were to share our favourites. Here are 68 of mine.

Spring Has Sprung

….despite coolish temperatures Spring has officially arrived

I mentioned in an earlier post that there were signs of spring here in Toronto if you take the time to look. On my walk today I purposely  photographed as many signs of spring as I could. Enjoy!

Birds of a Feather

…..just add a beak to a scrap piece of paper and voila you have a bird

I got this idea from Carla Sonheim and I find that it works with all age groups. I’ve used it with kindergarten children and children in grades 1 to 5.

This year I had the children create a tree by printing the shape with the edge of a piece of thick cardboard dipped in brown paint. While we waited for it to dry I had the students practise drawing a variety of leaf shapes and then deciding which one they would use on their tree.

Once the paint dried I instructed the students to tear small pieces of coloured and patterned papers and then glue them to the tree branches. With a pencil or a black Sharpie they started creating their birds by adding a beak and then an eye. After that they could add as much or as little detail as they wanted. Once the birds were done they were instructed to draw the leaves in the open spaces and colour them in.

I love how these turned out. The following are examples from my grade two class.