Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Tombstones or Cemeteries

….thanks to Cee for this unusual theme for the week Fun Foto Challenge

I saved this challenge until I came across an interesting cemetery. This didn’t happen until last week when my friend D and I took a tour of some old churches on the west side of Lake Simcoe. Two of the churches had cemeteries attached to the church grounds.

In the last cemetery we found the tombstone for Stephen Leacock, the famous writer and humorist. For more information about Leacock’s life look here.

Sunday Trees – 304

….. a little late this week with my Sunday Trees

Thanks Becca for hosting Sunday Trees.


Ever seen a catalpa tree before? They are native to North America and have lovely heart shaped leaves and these long slender bean like seed pods in the fall.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Letter D

….join this week’s Fun Foto Challenge by posting photos of pictures that start with the letter D and have only 4 letters

Deck with a Dear Friend




Deck with Deck Chairs






Thursday Doors – September 7, 2017

….thank you Dan for helping Norm host Thursday Doors

Today my family and I took a quick trip to Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. We spent most of our day in the military museum, the park and the gardens but we passed by the castle where I took a few pictures of this beautiful building.