Baking Bread Outside in the Winter

….actually all year round

The biggest difference between baking bread now and in the summer is the weather. In the summer we can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while the bread bakes in the outdoor wood fired oven but in the winter the sun may shine but the wind and the cold drive us indoors to wait out the baking time.

Today it was a beautiful sunny day but when the wind picks up and we can’t all stand in front of the oven door to keep warm we headed inside. It was a busy market day because it was also the Christmas market. We had to work quickly so that the vendors could set up but we also made more product because we knew that there would be twice as many people coming today. We experimented with a new recipe and made some mini panettone. The first five loaves sold in a matter of minutes and I’m sure that the remaining three didn’t hang around for long.IMG-9688

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Letter W – Needs to Start With W and Have Two Vowels

….thanks to Cee for another interesting Fun Foto Challenge



Weird and Wonderful World of Guillermos del Toro



Weekly Photo Challenge – (Extra)ordinary

…. this week’s WPC asks us to look for everyday beautiful objects or scenery

Everyday I walk to the this park at the end of my street and witness the city skyline. Each new day, every season and different times of the day brings something different to this extraordinary view.




Early SpringIMG_4352 IMG_4897


Walking for the First Time in Months

….all the conditions were perfect this morning

Sunny, clear sidewalks and roads, very little wind and temperatures above -10 degrees celsius. I didn’t even wear my down parka but a hat and mittens were still necessary. 

It felt like ‘old times’ with my husband and I taking Frances for a walk. There’s still a lot of snow in the park and on peoples properties but walkways have been cleared and there are lots of packed down paths in the park. Frances loved running back and forth on the rugby pitch and exploring the creek (luckily it’s completely frozen over). We stopped to get a coffee but the Tim Horton’s on the campus grounds was closed for reading week. 

We decided to take a bit of detour and go to Rabba to pick up a few items for breakfast at home. Good decision. We made a pot of coffee and cooked up some eggs and sausages and served them on a wrap with tomato and avocado slices. Delicious!

A great start to a beautiful day. By the way our walk covered 4 kilometres.