Art on the Beach

….art installations on the rocky shores of  Lake Ontario 

Much of the beaches in Col. Sam Smith Park in Toronto are man made and made with landfill. Large of chunks of concrete and rebar and lovely old bricks  line the shores of the park and the lake. Over the years people have lined up the bricks and laced them onto the rebar to create interesting sculptures. A couple of weeks ago during one of my walks along the beaches I noticed this interesting sculpture made with rebar and bricks.78-D6-EB0-E-A6-D3-42-B9-862-D-E4-BE98-AEC198

Yesterday I took a similar path when I went for my daily walk and specifically looked for this same sculpture. As with most pieces of installation art in nature it was no longer there. I did see another piece that I think was mostly created by nature but it did seem to have some human involvement.776-DA3-ED-0060-44-E3-B02-A-0-D16-F671007-C-1-201-a

I was inspired to try my own hand at making a piece of sculpture with found objects. The rocks and bricks had such interesting colours and had been worn smooth from the crashing waves. In the second photo you can see that I used bits of wood, seashells, speckled stones and a piece of scrap metal. Can you see the face?

A Photo a Week – Up in the Air

…thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting the Photo a Week Challenge

Interesting challenge this week with so much being ‘up in the air’ so to speak. I took the phrase literally and posted photos of things in the air.68-A2766-E-A87-A-4198-BB6-C-FB8-BD26-ADD7-F-1-201-a


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Words that end in ‘ock’…..

…thanks to Cee for hosting the Black and White Photo Challenge


Rock Monument

Flock of Swans

Beach of Rocks

Smartphone Photo Challenge – Week 9 – Mood

….thanks to Maranto Photography for hosting the Smartphone Photo Challenge

The mood here is serene and calm. I tried to capture the warmth of the setting sun even though the temperatures were hovering around freezing. I added more saturation and vibrance to this photo.5-D85-FA51-D92-C-4280-8490-BAAE7-B9-CEF5-C-1-201-a

For this one I added more contrast and vibrance. This intensified the colour of the water and helped to make the foreground and swan stand out more. Capturing the swan between the branches gives this photo a bit of a mysterious mood.