Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Lonely Character

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Who is that lonely character that I see before me?

Off in the distance, standing guard on the grass

Hidden but not, an unusual white mass

His days are numbered for him to see

The weather is his enemy.


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Winter is Definitely Not Done With Us

….thanks to Sue W and GC for this week’s prompt ‘chill’ https://weeklyprompts.com/2023/03/11/weekly-prompts-weekend-challenge-chill/

I knew it was too good to be true. We’ve had such a mild winter and very little snow and then all of a sudden we’ve had three major storms in the last three weeks. The second blast of winter melted away almost completely over the next two days because it was warm and sunny but yesterday’s snow will probably hang around for awhile.


Walking on a Snowy Day

I started out in the morning when the snow was still light

I knew that as the snow accumulated throughout the day I was less likely to get out for my walk so I bundled up and headed out mid-morning. On the way as the snow started to accumulate on the plants and trees I stopped to take a few shots of the freshly fallen ice crystals.


Contrasts of Textures

….even though Christmas is long over there are still signs

One of the things that I still see in front of homes and businesses are boxes and planters of Christmas greens and foliage. I love the contrast of colours and textures when you observe them close-up.


Snow Clouds over Buffalo – November 19, 2022

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On the north west shore of Lake Ontario, where we live we can see across the lake on a very clear day and see the skyline of some New York cities and towns. As you may have heard, Buffalo is having record setting amounts of snow which is crippling the folks that live there and it’s still snowing. Last evening I took a walk to the shoreline and captured these shots of snow clouds hovering over the lake. Luckily for us the winds are pushing the clouds clear of Toronto.


A friend of ours posted photos from Fort Erie which is directly across from Buffalo on the north side of Lake Erie and there was literally a wall of snow coming down over the city.