Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Texture

…I love texture in all kinds of things – art, nature, food




Thanks to Cee for hosting the Fun Foto Challenge

365 Days of Art – Print Making

….days 166, 167, 168

Last week I took a print making class where we used found objects to create interesting textures and designs. We used oil based inks that can be cleaned with water and when we were ready to print we put our pieces through a large press. It was a fun evening and made me want to own my own press.

I made two copies of each print. The second press is called a ghost print because the colours are much lighter than the original print. Since taking the following photos I’ve added more detail to some of these which I will share with you when I’m done.IMG-9486


….those of you who are acquainted with my art know how much I love texture

Rhinos and elephants have the most interesting hides. They are thick, rough and lined with intriguing patterns. I couldn’t help myself when I saw this rhino family at the zoo last week. I just had to take some shots and the back ends were particularly textural.


Tuesdays of Texture – Week 21

…..thanks to Narami for hosting Tuesdays of Texture

Today’s video for Carla Sonheim’s on line class, 365- A Year Long Class,  featured a photographer who photographs bricks in Chicago. I immediately went out after dinner and photographed the brick in my neighbourhood.


Kindergarten Klimt Patterns

….Gustav Klimt created beautiful patterns using gold leaf along with red and black paint

My kindergarten class created their own prints with inspiration from Gustav Klimt. I gave each student a sturdy piece of cardboard. Last year one of my parents donated a whole box of these 9 x 12 pieces of cardboard. You might remember that the grade 3s last year made looms from them and created amazing woven wall hangings (Weaving Our Way to Happiness).

On the first day I gave each student shapes, (i.e., squares, rectangles, circles) cut out from foam board and red, black and orange paint. They painted the shapes and then randomly pressed them onto the cardboard. Once they were finished we put them away to dry.

On the second day I gave them lids and corks and stamps that I had made with students in another class. I also introduced silver and gold acrylic paint. I encouraged them to stamp the new colours inside the shapes they had printed the week before. There’s something about metallic paints that children love.

On the third day we talked about adding texture and detail using a fine tip black Sharpie. Their work went from wonderful to WOW. Here are a few of the finished prints.

another  class