Ducks All in a Row – I’m a Fan of Ducklings

….thanks to Jez for hosting A Fan of…..

I always feel blessed when I get to see baby birds, goslings and ducklings. They grow up so quickly and they usually go through an ugly duckling stage. The ducklings that I saw along Meade Creek in Peterborough were not quite at the ‘ugly’ stage but they were no longer the cute fuzzy babies that they once were.

I was surprised how close the mother let me go up to her brood. The geese on the other hand were much more protective and cut me off when I tried to get closer.


RDP Tuesday: Cattails

….thanks to Dr. Katherine at Ragtag Daily Prompts for hosting Tuesday’s Theme of Cattails

I love cattails and find them especially interesting when they burst open to reveal the seeds inside. I usually find that they open up in the fall but I came across these on one of my walks more than a week ago.


Tuesday Textures – April 26, 2022

…..more textures found in nature in Tours

Fuzzy and soft
Hard and flaky
Spiky….a deterrent to keep the public off the chairs in the Musée des Beaux Arts in Tours
A contrast of textures…soft and tender to hard and gnarly

Thursday Trio – A Spiky Trio

….March 24, 2022

A busy week and also very wet but I did manage a walk to the Marina where I came across this trio of teasels. If you have any trios you’d like to share with me just copy my link and paste it into your post. I’ll get a ping back and I’ll be sure to leave a comment. Have fun!