The Last Day of Past Squares – Memories of Past Hallowe’ens

….thanks to Becky B for hosting Past Squares

Hallowe’en, pumpkins or costumes were not past themes for Becky’s Square Challenges but Circles, Perspective, and Words with Light were. Here are some of my favourite Jack O’Lanterns and costumes from the past.


Happy Hallowe’en Everyone

….a very satisfying Hallowe’en night

Last year our doors were closed because of COVID. This year I noticed in our block that more homes were shelling out than I’ve ever seen in the 43 years I’ve lived here. It was a perfect night. I had made up 50 bags of treats and had another 20 chocolate bars left over. It all went and I had to close shop early.

In total we had 64 kids come to our door. I felt badly when I ran out because I know that there would have been more. One of the things that I loved about Hallowe’en this year was the sense of community with those that participated. We walked up and down the street and talked to our neighbours and chatted with the parents when they brought their children up to the door. My husband and I both shelled out the treats and we were able to sit outside because the weather was so mild.

Did you participate in Hallowe’en this year?


The Neighbourhood is Ready for Hallowe’en

….looks like we’ll have more doors open this year for Hallowe’en

Last year Hallowe’en was a bit of a bust because of COVID. Some people left candy outside on the honour system and many families had small costume parties with people who were in their bubble only. This year it looks like the rain will stop just in time for Trick or Treating and many people have decorated their houses with spooky decorations. I’m looking forward to opening the door again to all those lovely little kids (and some big ones too) all decked out as ghosts, witches, princesses and their favourite super heroes.

As an added precaution I’m prepackaging their treats in individual bags so there will be less handling of the food. Tonight I will clean out the pumpkin and let my husband do his magic on our Jack o lantern in the morning. Are you ready for Hallowe’en this year or are you going to give it a miss for another year?


….and the winner for my favourite Hallowe’en display is this one


Hallowe’en Doors for This Week’s Thursday Doors

thanks to Dan for hosting Thursday Doors

Walking through the neighbourhood today I found some fun doors all decorated for Hallowe’en.


I’ll probably find more over the next few day so I may post a second Thursday Doors this week.

Spooky Trios From Winnie

….Oct. 14, 2021

Last year for my birthday my granddaughter chose my birthday card. She loves Hallowe’en and even though my birthday is in August she chose a Hallowe’en themed card. I loved it so much that I hung onto it and discovered it again when I was going through my papers. Here it is for my Thursday Trio contribution.


If you have any photos of trios (spooky or not) why not join in and post your own. Copy my link and paste it into your post so that I get a pingback. I’ll be sure to respond.

Spooky Doors in High Park

….thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors

Even during COVID people are decorating their homes and doors for Hallowe’en. As numbers rise in the city of Toronto there is an ever increasing risk that Trick or Treating will be discouraged. The residents in the High Park area, however, are not discouraged and continue to dig out their ghosts, goblins and other spooky characters to celebrate October 31st.

7-C56-AF95-B695-489-F-BABE-C3-ACEE99133-C AC15063-B-7633-4-F91-B8-C6-6-EEE29-E4-C80-E 8-A2878-F9-9-FB2-4-C5-F-B8-B3-9-BDB575-EFACD 2-C32-FA80-E7-C5-4861-9-FAA-91-D31-B6-AC8-BC 56-CD7490-D46-D-4-DB9-A179-1-CAB31-D27-EAA A10-CD0-A2-BC1-C-4439-B1-B0-9812917-AA656 4-DC81-CF1-5-E6-B-43-C1-8479-1-C1-E16-CC8-EBB FCB475-F0-42-B3-4-D77-9068-688-E4-A8-F919-E 2-F5-B9-D43-4926-4-A39-B1-A9-8187-C166-C022 7-EFC84-DE-720-F-4-CB2-9-E2-D-A9-BBD8-BD19-CF 7-BF16833-D9-FF-46-E8-BE00-7-AF6-D31-CBA98

Hallowe’en During COVID

amid speculation as to whether the kids will be out trick or treating this year

The good news for children is that the chief medical officer said that children will be allowed to go out on Hallowe’en night and are encouraged to wear masks as part of their costumes. Homes in my neighbourhood of New Toronto are already gearing up for the big night with decorations in front of their houses. Here are a few of them.

8-BA15-C03-F5-F3-4-F4-D-9985-9-AFACEB393-CF FF5-F21-C2-8-A69-4258-A769-21-C21254-F041 EF542-E60-2-C3-F-4-CB5-B7-C2-707-BE26-DDFA7 B1-C243-B5-CFBA-4-DAE-ABBB-CA9701-BEB12-F 0749-A3-BA-0-D7-C-4-A50-8-ABA-254149-D6-ACD2 B57-C6-BF3-E274-4-F47-9-A7-E-B9135-C0-E3535 FFD4299-D-2-BCD-48-D9-B7-D8-69009-D706624 9-C7-E572-B-D2-F6-4-A6-D-A484-4-EBEC016-D593 E8-D44681-2-D04-494-A-89-AF-169123210581 72-A5-E3-AA-6744-4110-945-F-102465-F78-FD7