Remnants of Hallowe’en – Day 9 of Walking Squares

thanks to Becky B for hosting Walking Squares

As soon as Hallowe’en is over and sometimes a few days before the stores start to decorate for Christmas. In the neighbourhood, however, many people leave their Hallowe’en decorations out for another week or more and soon after the Santa Claus parade in mid-November we’ll start seeing the ornamental reindeer, inflatable Santas and snowmen and colourful lights appear in front of people’s homes.

On my walk around the neighbourhood I noticed these pumpkins and skeletons are still adorning people’s yards.


Hallowe’en Trios

….first time in 44 years I wasn’t home to shell out treats to the neighbourhood kiddies

When I returned home from New Brunswick I took a walk throughout neighbourhood I experienced some wonderful Hallowe’en decorations that I didn’t see before I left. Here are a few that were trios.

I thought this was a trio but on closer inspection I saw a fourth Jack o lantern in the mix
Not a trio but an amazing giant skeleton that I just had to share

If you have some photos of trios why not share them with us. Just copy my link and paste it into your post. I will get a ping back and will leave a comment.

Day 3….Halloween, Candy and Purple Hair

….after two busy sightseeing days today was a down day

After breakfast this morning I took a walk around the neighbourhood close to the hotel. I picked up some decorations, purple hair dye and candy for the kiddies.

Then I met with my daughter and we walked in the opposite direction and explored more of Moncton. She treated me to a lovely lunch before we headed back to her home.

Time to clean out the pumpkin, put up the decorations and get Winnie ready for trick or treating.

My little Harley Quinn

Of course I had to get into the spirit of dressing up so I put on a hat with purple hair and I let Winnie dye my bangs purple as well.

When Winnie returned with her loot bag filled with treats she dumped everything on the floor and then sorted it into categories. In total she had 180 chocolate bars, bags of chips and suckers.

Back at the hotel I brushed out my hair and decided that I actually liked that little bit of purple in my hair.

What do you think?

The Last Day of Past Squares – Memories of Past Hallowe’ens

….thanks to Becky B for hosting Past Squares

Hallowe’en, pumpkins or costumes were not past themes for Becky’s Square Challenges but Circles, Perspective, and Words with Light were. Here are some of my favourite Jack O’Lanterns and costumes from the past.


Happy Hallowe’en Everyone

….a very satisfying Hallowe’en night

Last year our doors were closed because of COVID. This year I noticed in our block that more homes were shelling out than I’ve ever seen in the 43 years I’ve lived here. It was a perfect night. I had made up 50 bags of treats and had another 20 chocolate bars left over. It all went and I had to close shop early.

In total we had 64 kids come to our door. I felt badly when I ran out because I know that there would have been more. One of the things that I loved about Hallowe’en this year was the sense of community with those that participated. We walked up and down the street and talked to our neighbours and chatted with the parents when they brought their children up to the door. My husband and I both shelled out the treats and we were able to sit outside because the weather was so mild.

Did you participate in Hallowe’en this year?