“Is it a Choo Choo Squirrel?”

…..a what????

I find it fascinating what goes through the mind of a three year old. This drawing was meant to be a cat but I guess if you look at the background as being a tail it could be a squirrel. Where the ‘Choo, Choo’ comes in is beyond me.

There are days when I feel just like this ‘cat’; confused and bewildered by the state of the world.


A Word a Week Photography Challenge – Watch

Sue Llewellyn over at Word in Your Ear has challenged us again with the word ‘watch’. 

When I first saw the word I didn’t think of the verb but rather the noun. Seeing that I don’t have any pictures of watches I had to look for pictures of people, animals or things in the act of watching. I think you may find some of these amusing.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageFor more photos featuring the word watch head on over to Sue Llewellyn’s site.