Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – #61 – Precious Pets

thanks to Travels and Trifles for hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Over the years I’ve had numerous ‘precious pets’ as have my daughters and sisters. Not all these lovelies belong to me but they are someone’s precious pet and I was privileged to have taken their picture.fullsizeoutput-6fd6

Introducing Tober

….a couple of weeks ago I was cat sitting for my neighbour

I’m more of a dog person but I have owned a cat in the past and I usually like other people’s cats. About a month ago my neighbour was taken to the hospital and I was asked if I could look after the cat. This wasn’t the first time I had to do this so the cat was familiar with me. If I had known that Tober would be alone for two solid weeks I might have brought him to my house but I’m pretty sure that our dog Frances would not have been happy with that arrangement to say nothing of the fact that my husband is allergic to cats.

Every day I went into my neighbour’s house, brought in the paper and the mail and changed the cat’s water and refilled his bowl with fresh food. Out of guilt I stayed anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to keep the cat company. I started to read a book to pass the time of day but Tober made sure that I paid some attention to him.

I brought over a cat toy but Tober really wasn’t interested. He liked to be petted and have his ears rubbed but he also seemed to want me to speak to him. On my last day with him I took some photos of him.IMG-1866

“Is it a Choo Choo Squirrel?”

…..a what????

I find it fascinating what goes through the mind of a three year old. This drawing was meant to be a cat but I guess if you look at the background as being a tail it could be a squirrel. Where the ‘Choo, Choo’ comes in is beyond me.

There are days when I feel just like this ‘cat’; confused and bewildered by the state of the world.


A Word a Week Photography Challenge – Watch

Sue Llewellyn over at Word in Your Ear has challenged us again with the word ‘watch’. 

When I first saw the word I didn’t think of the verb but rather the noun. Seeing that I don’t have any pictures of watches I had to look for pictures of people, animals or things in the act of watching. I think you may find some of these amusing.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageFor more photos featuring the word watch head on over to Sue Llewellyn’s site.