Wacky Bird Wednesday

….’it’s a hummingbird’


According to Winnie this is a hummingbird. It does have a long beak, I’ll give her that. We finally heard back on her reaction to this week’s Monster Monday. She declared that monsters visited her room and this one’s name was Fred.

A Scratchy Bowtie

….today’s drawing is another dog with a bowtie

Kevin introduced this dog as Angus. When he asked Winnie if she liked his bowtie she said: “No, it’s too scratchy.” Then she looked outside at the freezing rain (schools were closed in Hamilton because of the weather) and declared, “It’s a good day to go for a bike ride.” What a kid!


Do Dogs Wear Bow Ties?

,,,,”it’s a dog with a bow tie but dogs don’t wear bow ties”

This was today’s comment for today’s cartoon drawing from our granddaughter to which my husband replied….”dogs do wear bow ties…they love bow ties and Papa loves bow ties too……but Bill the Cat, not so much.”