RDP Monday – Wallpaper

thanks to RDP for today’s prompt https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2022/10/17/rdp-monday-wallpaper/

Before COVID, one of the last restaurants that I visited in the Junction Triangle had the entire restaurant ‘papered’ with old wine crates.


Mid-week Monochrome Challenge #92- Rustic Old Time Winery

….thanks to Brashley Photography for hosting the Mid-week Monochrome Challenge https://brashley.photography/2022/06/15/mid-week-monochrome-92-still-life/


Sculpture Garden at the Huff Winery

thanks to Marsha for hosting the Photographing Public Art Challenge https://alwayswrite.blog/2022/06/10/ppac-50-public-art-in-kauai/

Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day in Prince Edward County and one the places we went to was Oeno Gallery at the Huff Estate Winery and Inn. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the lovely art inside the gallery and we noticed that a few more sculptures had been added to the garden outside. After speaking to one of the curators of the gallery we found out that the sculpture garden had grown immensely since our last visit. He was very proud to tell us that they now have over 100 sculptures in the garden.

When we went back outside we walked around to the back of the gallery and sure enough there were sculptures far and wide in the massive gardens that surround the estate. I would have liked to have taken photos of all of them but I decided that I would take more photos on our next visit. I have enough photos for the next three or four weeks so I’ve decided to spread them out.


Gargoyles in France

…..they’re everywhere…..on and in churches and castles

Did you know that gargoyles are more than decorative motifs on the sides of buildings? Most serve a very practical function.

Gargoyles are designed to allow rainwater to run off from the roof, usually through the mouth of the creature, man or animal that it is fashioned after. They were the precursor to gutters and rain spouts.

Historians also say that gargoyles were designed to protect a location and the people therein from negativity and unwanted spirits.

From the Cathedral in Tours
From the Château Royal in Amboise
From the Château in Blois

The Food in France

…..we’re on a culinary adventure

Before venturing out on this trip I lost 12 pounds. I’ve been walking anywhere from 10 000 to 16 000 steps every day. Both these things are good because the food here is amazing. There are cafés everywhere and boulangeries and patisseries on every street.

Right below our apartment there are at least five outdoor restaurants and across the street there are five more.

The market is about a ten minute walk from our place and it takes us through a lovely treed boulevard.

We’ve quickly learned that a lot of shops and/or vendors here don’t open on Monday and Tuesday, especially smaller places. Larger main stream stores are open all the time. Here are just a few delights from the market.

Paté de Pacque….an Easter specialty
The best croissants in town
…..and of course coffee
…..and lots of wine

Sunday Trees From Paris

…..April 10, 2022

From the Rue de Furstemberg. Described by Henry Miller as jolly in the summer and more malevolent than in winter ……”the black tree-trunks glinting in the rain and the candelabrum presiding in a sinister way Ike an evil dwarf”.

The Greenhouse at Centennial Park is Open Again

with a few COVID precautions in place

It was wonderful to be able to walk through the greenhouse again and take in all the beautiful flowers. Right now Poinsettias are the feature flower in honour of the Christmas season. As you walk in you are greeted by a maiden of succulents and as you exit there is a second maiden all decked out in succulents.


The greenhouse on the north side is where the poinsettia display is housed. There are so many wonderful varieties and colours and in between there are whimsical birdhouses.


The Griswold’s Live in Niagara-on-the-Lake

and I don’t think they’re finished decorating

While visiting this quaint town on the Niagara River we discovered this home during the day on one of our walks. The decorations were pretty amazing and we saw a work table and power tools on the driveway indicating that the homeowner was still busy setting up lights and decorations.


Later that afternoon, after the sun had gone down we were driving back to our hotel when we came up to the same house but now the lights were on. What a spectacular sight. I’m not sure that my photos do it justice.