Monday Windows – January 25, 2021

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On Saturday my husband I took a trip to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. During our walk we came across this lovely heritage site owned by Mr. Ball and his family back in the 1800s. The windows pictured here are from the grist mill where grains were ground to make flour and the St. George Anglican Church which was moved to the site when the parish had to build a bigger church back in the 1960s. The actual move took place in 1974.

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A Photo a Week Challenge – Over a Hundred Years Old

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If my grandparents were still alive they would have been over 100 years old…..IMG_1182IMG_1181

….and my great, great grandfather (over 160 years ago) and his mother (over 200 years ago). In fact, the next two photos are over a hundred years old.IMG_3804


Here in Canada this church is considered old. It was built before Canada became a country in 1867.


Monday Window – November 25, 2019

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All these window shots were taken inside Montgomery’s Inn. It is one of many Toronto Historical Museums and the one that I volunteer at two days a week.


I’m a Fan of….#33….the ROM

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The ROM is the Royal Ontario Museum located in downtown Toronto. I’ve been a member for several years and whenever I’m in the area I like to drop in and see what’s new. Recently I went to to see the Treasures of a Desert Kingdom.


The jewellery in this collection was quite amazing.IMG-3394

Amassed over the course of nearly four centuries, these treasures reflect the history and artistic legacy of the Rathore dynasty, one of the longest continuous royal lineages in the world, that ruled this desert kingdom until India’s independence in 1947. (Copied from the ROM website)

Unfortunately the show ended September 2. I was hoping to return and spend more time in the gallery.

Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge – August 24, 2019

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On Thursday I made a quick trip to the library at WAAC. After a short meeting I decided to head over to the museum which is literally around the corner. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people on the street and some were sitting on walls to take in a fabulous group of street musicians.IMG-3389

Inside the museum I only had time to visit one exhibit. I have a membership so I know that I can come back at any time and take a closer look at things that really interest me. I chose to walk around the ‘Treasures of a Desert Kingdom’. What a wonderfully rich display wealth, art and culture.

Some of the most interesting artefacts were the chairs, thrones and modes of transportation.


If you’re in Toronto check out this exhibit. The royal family is still in existence today and kindly loaned the artefacts and jewels to the ROM.IMG-3408

A Blue Reminder of the Past – July 6

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This is literally what remains of the old water station that provided water for the Good Year Plant that used to employ hundreds of residents from Mimico, New Toronto and Long Branch (now south Etobicoke and part of Toronto). The plant was demolished about 30 years ago and replaced with housing.