Thursday Trios – What You Can Find When You Have to Isolate

they say it’s not ‘if’ you get COVID but ‘when’

Well my ‘when’ happened last week and while I’m testing positive I’m isolating in my house and backyard. I’m happy to report that my symptoms were those of a nasty cold and flu and for the first four days I had little energy. I am so thankful that I’ve had my shots and boosters. It could have been so much worse.

I did have to cancel my trip to see my family on the east coast but I’ve rebooked for the weekend. I have to say that I was perplexed by the new rules for flying because there aren’t any. You don’t need to be tested and masks are no longer required. When I said I ‘had to cancel’ it’s not because the airline needed me to but because I didn’t want to infect my family or others around me.

When I do travel I will be wearing a mask on the plane and in the airport, in taxis and in stores.


If you have any trios, whether natural or staged, why not share them with us. Just copy my link and paste it into your post and I’ll be sure to leave a comment.

Feeling Blue that this Challenge is Coming to an End

thanks to Becky B for hosting Past Squares

Here are two of my favourite blue shots that are now square.

Blue glass sculpture from the V&A
Blue bikes from the Hamilton Bike Share Program

Tuesday Textures on Wednesday

….yesterday’s rain washed out all plans to get out and photograph textures

Today the sun came out and even though the ground was still pretty soggy and muddy in places I was very motivated to go for a walk with my telephoto lens and my iPhone.