Monsters – A Work in Progress

….or maybe two

The first monster my husband sent me today was titled A Work in Progress. When I asked him if it was unfinished he said it might be but then soon after he sent me a second monster with no title. I am so pleased that he’s enjoying working on his new iPad with Procreate. The goal is to take some of his original paintings and put them into a children’s book. Procreate will help him with backgrounds and give his paintings that finished look that you need for publishing your work.

Here are the two latest monsters.


Monster Monday – Using Procreate

….a new twist on Monster Monday

My husband is getting very serious about producing a children’s book using his monster drawings. To help him with his backgrounds and clean-up his paintings, he’s invested in a new iPad Pro and purchased Procreate.

Procreate is a wonderful program used for drawing and painting. There’s a steep learning curve for those of us who have never used a program like this before but Kevin is working on it every day. Here is his first Monster Monday using Procreate.


TGIFFF – Tonguely Stole a Tractor

….March 25, 2022

Last weekend we were worried that Tonguely might get into some more trouble at College Royal at the University of Guelph. Well we were right. After making a few new friends he managed to go joy riding in a tractor.

Wacky Bird With Attitude

….Kevin wanted me to post this one last Tuesday

Tuesday was a tough day for us. We heard that we were in contact with COVID on the weekend and we needed to take some rapid antigen tests. We’re leaving for France in two weeks and today our daughter is visiting from New Brunswick. The good news is that we’ve all tested negative.

So this bird was named Ticked Off Tuesday. Does he look a bit miffed?