Sarah and Duck

….replaces Sesame Street

When my kids were little they were allowed to watch Sesame Street. Not only was it educational but it also gave me a bit of time to myself while the kids were entertained. Things are not much different today except that there is way more variety and kids’ shows can be viewed on tablets and phones as well as TVs.

Now that our granddaughter from England is here visiting us we have discovered that she loves Peppa Pig (as did her older cousin at the same age) and Sarah and Duck. Whenever she gets a bit cranky, out comes the phone with the downloaded episodes that Mama and Papa preloaded before they arrived.

Last week when the family went out for a walk, Kevin went to his drawing table and drew Sarah and Duck and pasted it to the front door. When she returned home this is what she found.


A Trio of Shoppers for Thursday Trios

thanks to my husband, Kevin for painting this delightful trio


If you have photos of trios (people, animals, flowers, things, or art) why not share them with us on Thursday Trios. Just copy the link here and paste it into your post and I’ll get a pingback. I’ll be sure to respond.

Tonguely is on Vacation

……This TGIFFF is a bit of a departure. Tonguely is on holiday but our new friends have stuck around. They want to give a big shout out to the donors and student volunteers at the #UofG blood drive.


A Week’s Worth of Husband’s Characters

….from Tonguely, Monster Monday and Wacky Bird Wednesday

Last week was busy with doctors’ appointments, art openings and clearing out my father’s apartment. Consequently, some of Kevin’s drawings were somewhat late and I was even later in posting them. Even Tonguely couldn’t believe that another Friday had come so quickly.


Last week a very large delivery was made to the house. It was the Murphy bed we had ordered for the guest suite in the basement. It was so large that Kevin put out an SOS for volunteers to come and help us take it down the stairs. One of his followers on Instagram is an artist in Amsterdam and he suggested that his mouse characters, the Schurkies, (@de_schurkies) could come to assist. Instead Kevin created his own cousins to the Schurkies and in lieu of Monster Monday he drew these guys, moving the box to the basement. In reality we had two strong young men come to the house and in five minutes they had the box down the stair. Now we have to assemble it.


For Wacky Bird Wednesday, this bird was inspired by our Miss Winnie’s daily outdoor classes at Forest School. Apparently in NB this grade one class spends every morning in the forest next to the school to learn science and math.