Wednesday’s Wacky Birds – December 30, 2020

….happy Birthday Gaelan and Brendan

Some days Kevin just can’t stop painting and sometimes he forgets that he’s already created a wacky bird for the week. This week he has three wacky birds to share.

3535-F507-F696-4-C19-8853-0854489-B18-D3 438-D4106-0-DE8-447-D-B3-F8-C6-E3-AF50-C61-E 27-F92009-96-F7-4544-9-DAD-AD524-FA9-E6-C9

Both Winnie and I like the last one best. Reminds me of me with the first coffee of the morning.

Wacky Birds for Wednesday

….my blogging friend Jill Kuhn used to do Weird Bird Wednesday

Kevin has been busy with his Monday Monsters, Wacky Birds and experiments with abstract watercolours. Here are the latest two birds.

B2-AC8-F0-A-870-A-4-A2-B-9906-6-B5-F3219-CE5-D 6-A322-AAD-4-A19-479-D-B2-F3-F37-DD5173-D97