Wacky Bird Wednesday-Sept. 1, 2021

….Wacky Bird reminds us that it is also National Self Care Awareness Month

Take time to look after yourself. This wacky bird is treating herself to a massage later today.


An Explosion of Wacky Birds

….not literally

This week it’s been so hot that my husband didn’t think he could come up with a wacky bird. He decided to do a very quick sketch and apply watercolour without too much detail. When he finished the first painting he was so pleased with how quickly it came together and he decided to make another one. He ended up making four wacky birds in total and quickly realized that his inner Quentin Blake had been summoned. If you’re a fan of Roald Dahl books you’ll know what I mean.


Wacky Bird Wednesday – August 11, 2021

putting the wacky back in Wacky Bird Wednesday

Last week was a bad week for the internet and my computer here at home. I thought I was going to have to take my computer in for service because it took forever to upload photos to my posts. As a result a lot of my regular posts didn’t happen at all and I’ve been making up for it this week. For whatever reason everything seems to be working again.

This week I have two wacky birds to share.


Thursday Trios – Flowers, Birds and My Favourite Selfie

…..the selfie is with my daughter and daughter-in-law


If you have photos of trios why not join the fun and post them. Copy my link and paste it into your post and I will get a ping back.

Meet Willabee Waspnest

….another Wacky Bird Wednesday

Seriously that’s his name. Our avian hump day friend is an early riser. It takes him a while to get that hair just right. Doesn’t Winnie come up with the best names?


Wacky Bird Wednesday – July 7, 2021

….just in time for Thursday Trios as well

My husband wasn’t particularly pleased with his most recent post for Monster Monday so he tried to play around with more art techniques and decided to add more detail for this week’s Wacky Bird. Well as you can see his Wacky Bird turned into three wacky birds.


Well, Hello There!

….sometimes I get to see some unexpected wildlife on my walks

This week the ducklings were playing near the water’s edge with Mom and Dad close behind.


On my way back home as I turned the bend in the road there in the middle of the path stood this lovely rabbit. He stood perfectly still. I think he thought if he didn’t move I wouldn’t notice him but when I stepped closer he hopped off quickly into the tall grass.