Tuesday Photo Challenge – Woods

…..thanks to Frank for this week’s photo challenge – woods

Next to water I love the woods. My cottage sits in the woods a little ways back from the water’s edge. There are some definite advantages to having the cottage tucked away in the woods. One of them is that on very hot summer days it is always cooler in the shade of the forest.


Two Hummingbirds: One Real and One Made From Lego

…..one at the cottage and the other at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton

Last week when I went to the RBG with my daughter, Gaelan and my granddaughter, Winnie we were lucky enough to see some of the sculptures made with Lego. One of the creations was a very large hummingbird taking nectar from a very large lego flower.P1030971P1030970

This next hummingbird came by my feeder last weekend.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – July 16, 2017

…..thanks to Cee for hosting Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Some of my odd ball photos come from experimenting with my camera and my different lenses. Here are a few at I took at the cottage the last two weeks.