Why Three Year Olds Love the Crazy Uncle

….maybe it has something to do with the fact that they can be as goofy as the three year old

Our granddaughter doesn’t get to see her uncle Brendan very often but when she does he makes sure that he gives her his undivided attention. Yesterday was no exception when we drove up to Sparrow Lake to visit Brendan’s twin sister and her family. From the moment we arrived he was placing banana peels on her head, swinging her in the air, playing pretend sword fighting with sticks, playing with balls and doing cannon balls into the lake. Here are a several examples of the two of them at play.


A Photo a Week Challenge – Beauty

….thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting A Photo a Week Challenge

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find beauty in a multitude of things; my family, nature, the beach, the mountains, the foothills and art. I’ve chosen three photos because I couldn’t just pick one. The first is from the hills in Assisi where our son and his beautiful bride were married, the second is of my husband and our granddaughter taken two and a half years ago and the last one is the beach on the west side of the island where our cottage is.site-of-the-wedding-28236456190-o

Dogs of Blogs – Day 4

….thanks to Jessica for hosting Dogs of Blogs

This is Frances. She is a strange mix between a Dachshund and an Australian Shepard. We’ve had her for over 12 years and she has certainly slowed down over the years. Her favourite place in the world to be is at the cottage. She loves the water but now she spends more and more time sleeping in the shade.IMG-0869

Friendly Friday – Dreamy

….thanks to Snow for hosting Friendly Friday this week

The task is to post at least one photo that depicts the concept of ‘dreamy’. For me, right now in the middle of winter here in Toronto, dreamy images are ones of warm waters, sandy beaches and sunshine. Let me take you back to summers at the cottage.IMG-3092