Sunday Trees – 356

….saying good-bye to an old friend

Today as I was packing up the car to leave the cottage I heard a crack and when I turned around I saw the two main branches of the old beech come crashing down. There was no wind and no rain at the time. I guess the core of the tree had become weak or infested and just couldn’t bare the weight anymore.P1070028

Thanks to Becca Givens for hosting Sunday Trees

Labour Day – The End of Summer?

….I think not

For many Labour Day signals the end of summer; children return to school, cottages are frequented less often, new TV seasons begin, fall classes are opening up and the days are becoming shorter. The weather, however, is anything but fall like. In fact, we’ve been experiencing very hot and humid conditions. I feel sorry for the teachers and students who returned to school this week without the benefit of air conditioning (most schools here don’t have it).

Traditionally the Labour Day is the final day of the CNE and the last day of the Air Show. I attended the CNE on opening day and I watched the Air Show from the park at the end of my street, along with dozens of people from the community. It wasn’t the best day to watch it but I had been at the cottage for most of the 4 day show.

Here are some photos from the last official weekend of summer (maybe not official, summer doesn’t end till Sept 21) from the cottage and the Air Show.


Word of the Day Challenge – Leisure

….if you’d like to participate in the challenge the word is leisure

Children and dogs really know how to relax and enjoy some leisure time.



Birds at the Cottage

I’ve always had a lot of hummingbirds attracted to my feeder at the cottage. This summer  I purchased a bird feeder that I can put bird seed into. In the first week I didn’t see any action and I thought that I had placed it too close to the cottage.

Last week, while we were sitting outside, I saw my first visitors to the feeder. They were mostly chickadees. Perhaps they are not as fearful of humans as other birds.P1060669