Thursday Trios – Beware of Threes

some threes, like the three leaves on poison ivy can be very problematic if you tough them


Apart from the poison ivy there is no impending danger from the other two photos, unless, however, you were to help yourself to one of the pairs of shoes that were openly displayed at the edge of someone’s front lawn. They looked like they were put out for people to take but how would you feel if someone accused you of stealing them?

Do you have any interesting photos of trios? Join the fun. Copy the link from this post and paste it into your own post and I should get a pingback.

Full Moon

….on my way back from the cottage Saturday evening I had to stop and shoot a few pictures of the full moon

Stopping on the shoulder of the highway to take photos is not something that I’m in the habit of doing but the full moon on Saturday had me mesmerized and I wanted to capture it on my camera. I’m still experimenting with my lenses and I’m sure that there are better settings on my camera for that perfect shot but I wasn’t prepared to start fiddling with my settings at the edge of the highway.