WPC – My Place in the World is Near Water

….thanks to WordPress for this week’s photo challengeĀ Place in the World

People assumed that I would move when I retired. That’s other peoples’ dreams, not mine. So often I hear people say they want to move to the country, get out of the city. I’ve known some people who have done that but moved back to the city within a few years. I live close to downtown Toronto but I’m right by Lake Ontario and I’m surrounded by parkland. If I want to go into the city to catch a show or go to museum or art gallery I’m only a 20 minute car drive away or a short trip on the subway. When I want to go hiking or biking I just have to step outside my door and get on the Waterfront Trail. I have the best of both worlds.

I’ve always loved living close to the water and I love my city, Toronto.


Too Windy

…..too windy for what?

Too windy to take photos of flowers

Too windy to walk safely on the street due to falling branches and roofing tiles

Too windy to sit by the lake (too much spray coming up from the waves)

Too windy to clean the yard

Too windy to eat outside (too much debris blowing around)

Too windy to sit on the deck and converse (the wind is so loud)

Too windy to sit at the computer too long in case of another power outage