Water, Water Everywhere – January 5, 2023

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So far 2023 has been very wet. Lots of rain and mild temperatures. I know lots of people prefer this to colder temperatures and snow but I am not one of them. Give me a day with big fluffy snow flakes and brisk temperatures in January. Come March I will start to look forward to the weather we have now but give me some winter first.


Sunset Over the Lake on a Chilly Night

after a long distance video call with our son

….I took his advice and went for a long walk along the water’s edge of Lake Ontario TV in the neighbourhood. It was above freezing but with the wind chill factor it felt much colder.


All in all it was a beautiful night and I’m now closer to my daily walking goal.

Walking Through Col. Sam Smith Park

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I love this park but I realized recently that I haven’t ventured out this far in awhile. Today I decided it was time to get back here and explore some of my favourite places. As I got closer to the pond I was actually shocked at how low the water level was. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like this.

Path towards the pond
The pond, the lowest I’ve ever seen it
Continuing towards Lake Ontario

Snow Clouds over Buffalo – November 19, 2022

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On the north west shore of Lake Ontario, where we live we can see across the lake on a very clear day and see the skyline of some New York cities and towns. As you may have heard, Buffalo is having record setting amounts of snow which is crippling the folks that live there and it’s still snowing. Last evening I took a walk to the shoreline and captured these shots of snow clouds hovering over the lake. Luckily for us the winds are pushing the clouds clear of Toronto.


A friend of ours posted photos from Fort Erie which is directly across from Buffalo on the north side of Lake Erie and there was literally a wall of snow coming down over the city.

A Much Smaller Park Than Normal

one of my favourite destinations in the neighbourhood will be considerably smaller for close to a year

Thanks to Becky B. for hosting Walking Squares https://beckybofwinchester.com/2022/11/12/walking-squares-12/

After higher than normal water levels for a couple of years, erosion has taken its toll on the shoreline of Lake Ontario and the beaches next to our parks. To prevent further erosion the city is fixing the problem but our park over by Third Street will see half the park fenced off to make the repairs. On my walk a couple of days ago I still had a nice view of the lake from the west side of the park but over to the east the park is fenced off and filled with stone and heavy equipment.


An Evening Walk by the Lake – Day 8

thanks to Becky B for hosting Walking Squares https://beckybofwinchester.com/2022/11/08/walking-squares-8/

Now that the time change occurred it’s getting darker sooner in the evenings. I headed out towards the lake which is only 100 m from my house and quickly took some shots of the city skyline of Toronto and then turned around and I got shots of the sunset. Some of you may remember that less than a week ago you couldn’t see the city because of the fog.


It wasn’t even 5:30 when I started back home and it was already dark.


The Last Night of Lawn Bowling

….what a great season

This was the first year, since 2020 where we were able to play a full season and with fewer restrictions. Many of us, including myself, had the experience of playing in tournaments with other clubs and with the addition of 30 new members in our club alone we made a lot of new friends.

Thursday evening was our last opportunity to play. It was cold and windy but enough members came out to play on three rinks. Today the city came by and laid a layer of sand to the pitch which prevents us from playing into next week. In a couple of weeks we will have one more opportunity to get together and share a meal at a local restaurant.