A ‘Commingling’ of Swans, Gulls, Ducks and Geese

….after discovering some unfamiliar words in the latest book I’m reading

I thought it might be fun to take new words and find photos to illustrate their meaning.

[kəˈmiNGɡ(ə)l, käˈmiNGɡ(ə)l]

commingles (third person present) · commingled (past tense) · commingled (past participle) · commingling (present participle)
  1. mix; blend:
    “the dust had commingled with the rain” · “publicly reproved for commingling funds”
early 17th cent.: from com- ‘together’ + mingle.

Happy Place – Walking Along the Beach

…..I’m particularly found of the beach at my cottage

Cool fresh water, warm sand between my toes and an early morning sunrise when the beach is still somewhat deserted is a happy place for me. I love going for a quick dip and then sitting on a comfy chair with a fresh cup of coffee and just taking in my surroundings. What a great way to start the day!