Brashley’s Midweek Monochrome Challenge – Plants in Black and White

not quite midweek, but better late than never


Thanks to Brashley for hosting Midweek Monochrome Challenge

Thursday Trios – June 9, 2022

….trios from outside and inside


Do you have a trio or two that you would like to share? Copy my link, paste it into your post and I’ll be sure to get back to you. There are no rules as too when you post, how many or the format that you use…..just three subjects….people, animals or objects. Have fun!

Sunday Stills – The Monthly Colour Challenge – Spring Green

thanks to Terri for hosting Sunday Stills

There’s not a lot of green in Toronto yet so I had to look to the green grocers for shots of green.

3-AAFF106-D10-F-4-A51-BB6-D-05994-F76-F8-A5 9694-E1-D8-B312-43-F3-829-B-FDFBB2733-A6-A 69590038-47-F5-4-FB6-B3-D2-C0-D0-E5803-C62 413-D795-D-6-E16-4-C4-B-8-BE7-3-CD383-CD7843

December Came in Like a Lion

after those beautiful spring like days at the end of November

I love the first snow, especially when there’s a lot of it. The first snow this year was just a dusting for us back in mid November but the snowfall on December 1st was magical. Most of it has already melted but it was nice for the first two days. Here are a few shots from my garden.

9-F645-B62-F005-4-D81-8-C05-0-F6118097-E35 6287846-D-6-F6-A-4-B3-D-886-A-D3036-C976-B5-E C6783-CA7-FD1-B-47-BA-8255-BC5-A2-BB7-AD66 95-CBF3-E4-CCB4-420-E-8122-F77-ACE8-A57-C6 703-A7-EE3-C383-481-E-9143-83-AA7-D446830 E1-BCBE2-D-94-FB-4-F4-C-B1-D6-4-E480-B928-A97 FEF6029-D-26-AD-41-C9-ABC1-B61-D4-F2-AA780 D8565-EE9-033-F-483-C-AD75-224-C03326-DA7 9-ED0575-C-6034-4-E50-9267-E84-E60-AD3-E02 EAAB1-FEC-5-A72-4697-B68-F-DEF4-BC412-B17

These snow tires were installed the next day.