Thursday Trios – First Trios of 2022

after a trip to the ROM I was delighted to find these trios

A Trio of Toy Teacups
A Display of COVID Masks
Bonus – three t-shirts that my daughter in New Brunswick made for Winnie

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Thursday Trios – December 30, 2021

….happy Birthday to my twins, Gaelan and Brendan ….can’t believe you’re 40

Three generations of Cormiers

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Thursday Trios – Gifts from the Mall

….November 25, 2021

We rarely go to the mall. Even here in Canada there are Black Friday Sales and we will probably avoid going to any malls and big box stores on Friday. When I have gone to the mall in the last two weeks it has been relatively quiet so I wasn’t uncomfortable going there to window shop. I have to admit that a lot of my shopping is still done on-line. Yesterday my husband had to step into the mall because his eye doctor has her office there. After his appointment he couldn’t wait to leave and he was out of there like his hair was on fire.

I, on the other hand, like to window shop and take in the Christmas decorations. Here are a few lovely trios of gifts some of which I could never afford to buy.


Festive Trios – Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021

….the malls are brimming with Christmas decorations and ornaments


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Thursday Trios from the Art Show

….from the Toronto Art Fair held last weekend at the Congress Centre

Loved seeing the art show come back. It was considerably smaller than the last one we went to in 2019 but there were some great pieces. The first trio sold on the first day all to the same buyer, at $6200. a piece. Well above our pay grade.

These wheat sheafs were used as decorations throughout the show
These miniature sculptures represented the elderly during COVID