At Last – My Opening was a Success

after months of work my show finally opened

Thanks to all who encouraged me to keep painting and then supported me with a visit to the gallery and/or messages of love. I couldn’t be happier.

Those little red stickers were the icing on the cake.

The first big piece that sold yesterday
The two pieces that made up this trio were sold
My curator, advertising designer and loving daughter
My wonderful daughter-in-law
My Biggest fan and supporter – love you to the moon and back

Ready for the Big Reveal

the doors open today for “Before and After Paris”

After months of preparation with ordering supplies, painting, framing and advertising, my show is ready for the public to see. I spent hours yesterday, with the help of two good friends hanging the paintings. Barb did a lot of the ladder work and Arlene eyed the levels and curated the placements. We were all very pleased with the final result. For those of you who live close by, I hope to see you at the opening but the show will be up till July 9th.

Here’s a peak of the gallery where every piece you see is mine.


Getting Ready for my Solo Art Show – June 29th – July 9

….I’m about 90% ready

I’m very excited to promote my solo art at the Ruth Upjohn Gallery at the Women’s Art Association in Toronto. I’ve called it Before and After Paris, simply because some of the work was created before my trip to Europe and more after I returned home. Here is the flyer that I designed with the help of my daughter, Andrea.


Most of my work consists of abstract florals and landscapes but I have also included some of my photographs in the form of cards. Here is a quick preview of some of my work.


Thursday Trios – March 17, 2022

….more trios from nature and one surprise

Sorry I’m a day late. I was having issues uploading my photos yesterday. I you’d like to share some photos of trios, I’d love to see them. Copy my link and paste it into your post. I’ll get a pingback and I’ll be sure to leave a comment.

Surprise, a trio of glass frogs from the Echos Show at WAAC

Tuesday Textures in Art

I love texture in art

I am very much drawn to colour when it comes to art but I also love the use of actual textures. It is very hard not to touch art that uses textural materials. At WAAC there is a show on right now, called Collage and there are several pieces with loads of texture. I’m a big fan of Deniz Seker, Janet Potter, Margaret Rodgers and now Catharina Goldnau.

Janet Potter
Margaret Rodgers – Bread
Deniz Seker

Catharina Goldnau – Cubed 3.2

Lucille is an Odd Duck….

or should I say bird?

Lucille may be odd looking but she brings a smile to my face as does most of the art that Deniz Seker makes. She is one of the artists that is a member of WAAC and one of the first people that I was instantly drawn to when I first joined the Women’s Art Association. Thanks Deniz for introducing Lucille to us at the Collage Show.


Thanks to Becky B for hosting SquareOdds for the month of February.

Crosswords: What Did You Do During COVID?

….Margaret Rodgers used her love of crosswords as her subject for her art show at the Ruth Upjohn Gallery, Women’s Art Association of Canada

Using paint and collage Margaret created these beautiful works of art to highlight a very common activity that probably saw an uptick in popularity in the last two years.


I also found the use of words very interesting. I don’t know if she was purposely trying to make a political statement but words like power, vote, elect, money, power, mock, jokers, and autocrat leads me to think that this might be the case. We also just recently had a federal election. The longer I look at these pieces I see more interesting themes.

If you’re in Toronto, the show is on for one more day. The last day is Tuesday, November 16.

A Painting Update

it’s been awhile since I last posted some of my artwork

Back in September I was finally able to display two of my paintings for a show that was suppose to take place last January. I had originally made three paintings for the show but one sold earlier in the year. I’m pleased to say that the two that were hung in the gallery at WAAC also sold.

6-BB4365-C-F71-B-4-ABB-A179-FC807338580-E-1-201-a 62471-C74-483-C-49-FC-BA68-2-EE1-C2-DBAF11-1-201-a 9-A4-D7-D10-7-B0-D-41-BB-AD73-E49-C865-CBE73-1-201-a

These were all 16″ x 16″ x 1 1/2″.

I’ve just finished three more pieces for another show later this month. The show is called Small Gems and no piece can me more than 48″ all around. These three are all 12″ x 12″ x 1 1/2″.


Photographing Public Art Challenge – #18

….thanks to Marsha for hosting PPAC

I know that Marsha expects the art we post to be outside but I figure if the gallery is open to the public and is free to the public then maybe it’s okay to post under this challenge. Back in September the Women’s Art Association of Canada hosted a show for new member like me to display their work.

One of the pieces that impressed me was an installation piece that had to be assembled and then disassembled at the end of the show. The artist took pieces of her grandmother’s couch and other items from her home to create this piece.