Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Neighbours

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Neighbours mean the world to us. Not only do we help each other out in times of need or to carry out a goal, we also have become friends and celebrate special times in our lives together.

Trish and I picked up garbage in the neighbourhood for a month when COVID first hit. It was her idea but I was right there with her for 30 days.

…she even got one her daughters and her friend to pitch in
For years we shovelled snow for our neighbours and now they help us out when we’re not able
This is our neighbourhood lawn bowling club and many of the members are my neighbours. I’ve met a lot of great people
Friends since high school and neighbours at the cottage…always there to support me
Neighbours and friends helping me celebrate my ‘big’ birthday
Neighbours pitching in to help clear the leaves on the corner lot

Pull Up a Seat – June 24, 2022

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A variety of seats from my travels in the last three weeks.

A very artsy chair at the Janet’s and Deniz’s show
New benches at the lawn bowling club
DoBoy guarding my purse
Seating under the gazebo
Covered seating by the Meade Creek
A cozy little love nest by the creek
Take a load off and enjoy the view
Terra Cello in Prince Edward County

Getting Ready for my Solo Art Show – June 29th – July 9

….I’m about 90% ready

I’m very excited to promote my solo art at the Ruth Upjohn Gallery at the Women’s Art Association in Toronto. I’ve called it Before and After Paris, simply because some of the work was created before my trip to Europe and more after I returned home. Here is the flyer that I designed with the help of my daughter, Andrea.


Most of my work consists of abstract florals and landscapes but I have also included some of my photographs in the form of cards. Here is a quick preview of some of my work.


Darkness Into Light

This show is running until October 8th and if you’re in town this weekend it will be open to the public on Saturday, Sept 26 for Culture Days. Normally WAAC is only open from Monday to Thursday.


When I went to WAAC ten days ago I saw this show first hand. The participating artists are all members of the Women’s Art Assoc. of Canada. Earlier in the year at the beginning of COVID a call went out for artists to create a piece of work that spoke to them about coming out of the darkness of the pandemic and into the light of hope and new beginnings. Here are a few examples of what you will see when you attend the show.

68-D44302-187-A-4521-B583-D6-E4-CA6-A4-A12 B752-C12-D-537-F-4-F49-AC90-940956-FB71-CE F96-DD1-F0-5695-4-E3-F-B83-C-FCF170-B469-B2 A1-FCD4-B6-3-B0-B-4638-BE78-130-AFF3-F1-F17 E10-AF4-DE-D8-DD-48-CB-B2-F8-D2-E4-D8-FC35-CA 33-C4-A3-C3-F025-4-ED5-8-EF6-F642-D1923-F38 7-ECB4-C67-A7-EF-489-D-82-E0-0425128-C6-F76 3-FBFE6-E9-91-F0-432-F-8696-5-A7-E8-B5-BA256 0-D15-CF0-E-499-D-4555-83-E2-F84209732-B9-F 234-CD47-F-57-E9-459-F-A9-B9-A6-B51-B03-B086

New Art Exhibit – Day 27

…thanks to Rainee for hosting the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

As I’ve said before my creative juices flow whenever I take a new class or walk through an art gallery. This week I had some work to do in the library at the Women’s Art Association of Canada and while I was there a group of busy women were installing a new art show called Creative Spirit. Here are a some of the pieces that spoke to me personally.6C0DDFB7-6EE2-4AAE-94EF-EC1DF9CE3B8A_1_201_a4C2FE8D0-D67D-4167-B53E-0A9090526C80_1_201_aB3ABC133-A488-4230-895F-E5936B98E270_1_201_a0251AF1A-98EC-4C53-A6F1-A93CE6206C49_1_201_aB115452E-0F7B-4287-B3AC-D55D1729007B_1_201_aFCE74DB7-9EB6-4E2D-B856-52682EBFA06E_1_201_a1CE6A520-ED11-4D11-9228-DCFD6083B9F8_1_201_a3CE3810B-02C2-4348-BFC3-4239AD887629_1_201_a

Rainbow of Skulls – Day 10

,,,thanks to Granny Shot It for hosting the Eleven Days of Hallowe’en Challenge

Hallowe’en decorations are everywhere. Not sure if this display at the art show was there to commemorate Hallowe’en or an art piece meant for anytime of year.IMG-4164

What Happened in 1917?

….in Canada

1917 is often referred to as the worst year in Canadian history. In that year we saw the highest casualty figures for Canada during WWI. The death toll at Vimy Ridge alone was 3598 with another 7000 injured.

The city of Halifax was destroyed when two ships collided in Halifax Harbour, killing 1900 civilians and injuring 9000 in a town of 50 000. It was the worst man-made destruction of a city until 1945.

The conscription policy divided the country in one of the most bitter elections ever in 1917 but on the upside some women were granted the right to vote if they had a husband, father or brother who served in the war.

It was also the year that the Nation Hockey League (NHL) was established but not until an American team won the Stanley Cup for the first time earlier in the year. Tom Thomson, a famous Canadian artist, also died that year under mysterious circumstances.

Today I went to Montgomery’s Inn to sign up as a volunteer. While I was there I happened upon a wonderful art display of paintings depicting what happened in Canada in 1917.



Share Your World 2014 – Week 26

….now we are truly at the half way mark into the year

Is your refrigerator, organized or a mess inside?

It depends on the day. Of course after I clean it, it’s organized and I try to keep it that way. My husband, however, does a lot of the shopping and he doesn’t always check to see what’s already in there. Consequently we have doubles and even triples of condiments and vegetables. Even if he does check he often doesn’t see what’s near the back of the fridge. So some days it looks a tad messy in there.

If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

If I could be famous, I’d like to be a famous artist, preferably while I’m alive.

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?

I’d love to have my own art show. I was suppose to have a show at a community arts centre several years ago but because of politics, the group that I was working with was kicked out of the time slot that we had booked to make way for a more established group of artists who were also on the board of directors. The experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I haven’t booked another show since.

Where do you eat breakfast?

I try to eat my breakfast at the kitchen table. If I’m running late I’ll take my breakfast with me or stop at the local Tim Horton’s and pick up some oatmeal. Once I get to school I sit down in the staffroom to quietly enjoy my meal before my classes begin. Now that the weather is nice I sometimes eat my breakfast out on the deck both at home and at the cottage.IMG_0372

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that school is out and I can now focus on my fitness and weight goals once more. Even though I have to go back in this week to tidy up some more and pack away more books I’ll be able to do it without having children around to supervise.

I’m looking forward to spending time up at the cottage. I haven’t opened up yet and finding someone to go with me this weekend was impossible (too much going on in the city). I’m also looking forward to having my hair cut and my feet pampered before I go.

For more posts about Share Your World check out Cee’s blog at: http://ceenphotography.com/2014/06/30/share-your-world-2014-week-26/