Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge – #28

thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge https://xingfumama.blog/2022/07/15/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2022-week-28/

My favourite chairs are back at the cottage that has a lakefront view and a new bench has appeared by the dock. Love how the whole thing is made with birch logs.


Pull Up a Seat – June 24, 2022

thanks to XingFu Mama for hosting Pull up a Seat https://xingfumama.blog/2022/06/24/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2022-week-25/

A variety of seats from my travels in the last three weeks.

A very artsy chair at the Janet’s and Deniz’s show
New benches at the lawn bowling club
DoBoy guarding my purse
Seating under the gazebo
Covered seating by the Meade Creek
A cozy little love nest by the creek
Take a load off and enjoy the view
Terra Cello in Prince Edward County

Trios of Chairs at the ROM

….combining Thursday Trios with Xingfu Mama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge https://xingfumama.blog/2022/03/25/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2022-week-12/

On the weekend we took our granddaughter to the museum. We saw lots of wonderful exhibits and I think Winnie’s favourite was the ancient Egypt exhibit with the mummies. Not only did I see lots of interesting trios but there was a chair exhibit as well.


If you have any photos of trios that you would like to share just copy my link from this post and paste it into your post. I’ll get a pingback and will leave you a comment.

Pull Up a Seat in Niagara-on-the-Lake and 13th Street Winery

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat

Even with the colder temperatures there are still places outside where one can sit and enjoy the view.


Pull Up a Seat – October 16, 2021

….thanks to XingFu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat https://xingfumama.blog/2021/10/15/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2021-week-42/

Going for a walk through the Lady Eaton Drumlin in Peterborough, next to the university, was beautiful and very much uphill until it was time to come back down. Thank goodness for some rest spots. Although a bit wonky and worn they did the trick.


Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge – End of Summer

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge https://xingfumama.blog/2021/09/24/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2021-week-39/

After the long weekend at the end of the summer season the beach chairs are folded and stacked but not yet put away. Many of us hope to get up to our cottages a couple more times before the Thanksgiving weekend when the season finally ends and the cottages are cleaned out, bedding is stored away, the water is drained from the pipes, BBQs are covered, canned goods are brought home so they don’t freeze over the winter and everything on the beach is returned to the cottage and put into storage.


Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge – Week 17

a quick trip to Grimsby where we found great seats to enjoy the view over the lake

Thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge https://xingfumama.blog/2021/04/23/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2021-week-17/

….and then there were these, maybe not so comfortable but interesting to look at

Pull Up a Seat – Week 11, 2021

….thanks to XingFu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat https://xingfumama.blog/2021/03/12/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2021-week-11/

Park benches are mostly empty these days but in the last week the weather has warmed up considerably so slowly people are starting to use the benches again.

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Pull Up a Seat Challenge – Week 4

thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting the Pull Up a Seat Challenge https://xingfumama.blog/2021/01/22/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2021-week-4/

The temperatures are finally beginning to fall and with that comes abandoned outdoor seating. Over in London, where my family has to work from home, even a spot at the end of the bed becomes a seat to work from and in the case of our granddaughter the floor under a desk is good spot to sit so that she can be close to her Papa.

39-FFC2-FA-85-E7-482-C-8-B22-A547-F3648-A5-D C2-EC4-C06-F94-C-4853-A6-A8-E6-F647295557 FE401699-D19-E-4-BC4-B4-E0-25-A042-EBB827

Catching Up

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat and Becky B for January Squares https://xingfumama.blog/2021/01/15/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2021-week-3/ https://beckybofwinchester.com/2021/01/15/square-up-15/

I rarely combine two challenges into one but this shot in High Park today worked for Pull Up a Seat and January Squares. Day 15.


I’m a little behind so I’m catching up with three squares today. The next two are for days 13 and 14. The first one is Looking Up the Path. The path is almost completely hidden because of the leaves but there is a path there and the following photo is Uprooted. In the naturalized area of High Park the trees fall naturally when they die unless they are a hazard to the walkers and then they are cut down to avoid any accidents.

AE56-D7-C1-3273-4-FA6-8-D40-A7-A608-EAC0-A8-1-201-a 91-CEDFE1-AE02-4354-9-F6-B-F5-E8-E836-CE09-1-201-a