Monday Window – Humber College -South Campus

….this is all about the old vs the new

Most of the buildings on the south campus of Humber College are from the late 18th century when the grounds were the Psychiatric Hospital. Originally built as a branch of the Toronto Asylum for the Insane, the hospital officially opened its doors in 1890 as the Mimico Asylum — the first such institution in Canada to be built on the cottage system. After the hospital closed in 1979 the buildings stood empty and in 1988 it was declared a heritage site.

When Humber signed a 99-year lease for the land and buildings in 1991, it began a complete restoration of the cottage buildings. Today the buildings have been restored to their original beauty and serve as classrooms and studios for the students. In between some of the old building a few new modern structures have been built. It’s a nice contrast between new and old.

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Thanks to Ludwig for hosting Monday Window

Macro Monday – March 22, 2021

….tried using my big camera to get some macro shots but only one turned out

I’m having more luck with my Lumix Panasonic camera but when it comes to macro shots it’s been hit or miss. Now I have to admit I was using my zoom lens because I wanted to get some close-up shots of the birds in the park. Next time I’ll try with my macro lens. The other shots were taken with my iPhone.

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