Spooky Trios From Winnie

….Oct. 14, 2021

Last year for my birthday my granddaughter chose my birthday card. She loves Hallowe’en and even though my birthday is in August she chose a Hallowe’en themed card. I loved it so much that I hung onto it and discovered it again when I was going through my papers. Here it is for my Thursday Trio contribution.


If you have any photos of trios (spooky or not) why not join in and post your own. Copy my link and paste it into your post so that I get a pingback. I’ll be sure to respond.

Wacky Bird Wednesday – Happy Birthday Winnie from the Whole Gang

today is Miss Winnie’s 6th birthday

All the wacky birds, Monday Monsters and even Tonguely got into the act to wish Winnie a happy day.


TGIFFF – Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends

yes we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada, just at a different time

Our Thanksgiving Day is earlier in the year than in the U.S. because we’re further north and our harvest time is typically in Sept/Oct..

Tonguely has met a new friend and would like to invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner. Should he tell him……..????


National Bowtie Day, National Red Wine Day and My Birthday

….last Saturday was all those things and Saturday Sloth was a little more animated than normal


It was a wonderful birthday that ended up spreading over three days with family and friends dropping by for wine and food. Thanks for all the lovely flowers and gifts but most of all your company.

Forty Six Years in and Still Madly in Love

….yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary

Whenever I tell people how long Kevin and I have been married they always gasp in wonderment. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t always been wine and roses but we’ve always worked together as partners and when things were tough we didn’t give up on each other. Not only do we love each other but we truly like each other. That became very apparent during the lockdowns with COVID. It’s amazing how many couples found it difficult to be together 24/7.

The last twelve years have been difficult for Kevin with all his health issues but he keeps on ticking and keeps trying new diets and medications. Right now he looks fantastic and if you saw him yesterday you’d have no idea that he is suffering from several chronic ailments. The key word here is chronic, so he has good days and some bad days. Luckily I’ve stayed relatively healthy and my biggest issue is how much my weight fluctuates up and down (mostly up). Kevin always says he loves me at any weight but when I do try to lose weight he is also very supportive.


Thursday Trios – It’s Cheaper When You Buy Three

my husband couldn’t resist a bargain

Preserves from the Farmers’ Market
Vine Tomatoes are always the best
Three orange button flowers in my bouquet

If you have photos of trios why not join the fun and don’t worry if you’ve missed posting on Thursday you can post anytime (just like I did). Just copy the link and paste it into your post and I’ll be sure to get back to you.