Thursday Trios – #10

it seems that somewhere down the road I numbered one of the posts incorrectly but it is now corrected

Looking for trios can be challenging but sometimes they are right under our noses. Case in point, the photo with the stringed instruments is in my living room and the yarn has been hidden away but it was in my house.

There are no rules as too when you post, how often, or what you post as long as there are three objects, people or animals. Join the fun and copy my link and paste it into your post.

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Water, Water Everywhere – #63

….thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere

Drips, drops and blobs of coloured water. When you don’t get outside you need to come up with some inventive water pictures. I always have water on my art table and I started playing with the water, brushes and paints.

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This eventually became a painting. I’ll put it in my next post.

Thursday Trios – #6

….this week’s trios are some of my favourite art supplies, my granddaughter’s art, three vases that I made and my three favourite bears

If you have photos of anything with three subjects why not join the challenge. There are no rules as to size or format of the photo. They can be in colour or black and white and you have all week to enter. Just copy the link from this post and paste it into your submission and it will ping back to me. Have fun.

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