Yay, Yay, it’s a Snow Day

….first massive snowfall in over two decades

When I say first, I mean the first snowfall with 40 to 60 cm accumulation. Snow days in this city are rare and I remember as a kid and even when I was teaching we would dream of snow days. Buses were often cancelled but schools were open and teachers were expected to go to work. Many teachers who lived north of the city frequently couldn’t make it because the snow conditions were usually worse.

The irony, of course, is that today was the first day kids were supposed to go back to in-school learning.

View from my snowy window this morning
My husband clearing the sidewalk in front of our house
Now that he finished our sidewalk we both moved to the other side of the street to work on our neighbours sidewalks
I actually like shovelling snow

As pretty as it was, the snow continued into the afternoon and major highways around the city were closed due to high winds, drifting snow and accidents. The message from city hall stresses staying home and staying off the roads. The high winds that are expected in the next hour or so will make the problems worse. I’m happy to stay home and glad that I don’t need to go anywhere. Even if I did I wouldn’t be able to get out of my driveway and when the snow ploughs do finally arrive they will probably push more snow in front of the driveway. No point in stressing. Enjoy the snow for the day.

Pink Clouds Before the Storm

….we’ve been waiting all day for the snow to start

A major snowstorm is heading our way. In fact it started about three hours ago and is suppose to continue all night and well into the morning. When I went out this evening for a walk I was beginning to wonder if the snow was actually coming because there were very few clouds in the sky. On my way back home, however, I noticed these amazing pink clouds in the western sky as the sun was setting.


Lashing Rain and Visitors to My Yard Today

made a To Do List today and listed 12 jobs

The rain came down so heavily today that I figured it was a good day to do things around the house. One of the first things I did was go through my closet and dresser and pull out most of my summer clothes. After I removed some sweaters and long sleeved shirts from my storage bins I replaced them with the summer things.


I managed to complete 10 of the 12 jobs that I posted. Looking out my back door earlier today I noticed that there was a lot of activity on my deck and around the bird feeder. I guess squirrels and birds have to eat even in the rain.

A while back, I had stopped using my Panasonic Lumix camera because of a problem. I really thought it was toast but after discussing the issues with Cee she went to the Panasonic website and she suggested that I put all the settings back to the factory settings it came with. Success!!! That small change did the trick. The following photos were taken with the telephoto lens on the Panasonic through a glass door.


Last Day of Summer – Sept. 20, 2021

…..enjoying a warm and sunny day at Marie Curtis Park

Today we experienced a nice warm summer day; the last one of the season. Normally this time of year the average temperature is about 20 degrees celsius but we hit 23 and people definitely took advantage of it.

When I arrived at the park school had just dismissed its students and I noticed several children were in the playground and splash pad. Cyclists, senior citizens and dog walkers were also enjoying this great weather.