What One Does on a Rainy Saturday

for us it included painting, walking and cooking

Last Saturday the forecast was very wet for most of the day. In between downpours I did manage to get out for a walk and snap a few photos.


When I returned from my walk I set up my art table to get ready for some more painting. Only 7 more sleeps before my solo show.


Kevin on the hand got into complete ‘chef’ mode and made empanadas from scratch.


RDP – Esculent

….thanks to Bushboy for todays Ragtag Daily Prompt of ‘esculent’ https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2022/12/29/ragtag-daily-prompt-thursday-esculent/


FORMALadjective – fit to be eaten

noun – a thing, especially a vegetable, which is fit to be eaten

The fruit of the tomato plant is esculent but the plant is not. With potatoes the roots are esculent but the plant itself is poisonous.

Gourds are not esculent – just decorative
…..even though they look like their cousins, pumpkin and squash
Pumpkins are definitely esculent and not just for Hallowe’en
Beware of fungi – some are esculent but others can be deadly when consumed
My Christmas Trifle was very esculent
…as was our Christmas dinner

Kevin is Cooking Again

….that can only mean one thing….he’s feeling much better

I can always tell when my husband doesn’t feel well….he stops cooking. Kevin loves to cook. Next to painting, cooking is his happy place. I’m one lucky woman. The only downside for me is that his cooking is so good that I want to eat too much of it and I start to pack on the pounds.

In the last week he’s made red pepper relish, basil pesto, sun dried tomato pesto, plum jam, chicken curry and an amazing pork roast. He rarely makes cakes but today he made an Irish Apple cake. We had to freeze half of it and I packed some up for my neighbour.

Basil Pesto
Roast Tomatoes made last summer
Roasted Tomato Pesto
Pasta with the roasted tomato pesto and fried Italian sausage,
You can see the jars of plum jam in the background
A charcuterie board ….ingredients from the Cheese Boutique ….assembled by Kevin
An Irish Apple Cake

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Review

….thanks to Sue W. and GC for hosting the Weekend Challengehttps://weeklyprompts.com/2022/09/24/weekly-prompts-weekend-challenge-review-3/

Reviewing my day in Hamilton. Had I known that I was going to do this I would probably have taken more photos.

My daughter and daughter-in-law had appointments in Hamilton to get their hair done and the car isn’t very reliable anymore for long trips so I volunteered to drive them in my car. I haven’t been back to the downtown core of Hamilton since our daughter moved to New Brunswick.

The first thing I did was drop the girls off at the salon and then I drove to Denninger’s. It’s a German deli that has been in Hamilton since Rudolf Denninger immigrated to Canada from Germany with his wife. The family owned business has grown from the original store on King St. in Hamilton to 5 stores, a warehouse and a manufacturing facility, employing 300 people in southern Ontario. https://denningers.com/pages/about-us

The visit was bittersweet because so many things in the store reminded me of my father, who passed away almost two years ago. I picked up many things that had a special meaning for me. My father loved chocolates, herring and small oranges like clementines. The cashier asked me if I was all right because I had tears in my eyes. I told him they were happy tears. I spent way too much money.


After my shopping trip at the deli I drove back to Mulberry and MacNab because I knew that I could park there for free and I walked up James St. to the wool shop. I had some money left on a gift certificate from the Hand Knit Yarn Store. It wasn’t for a large amount but I thought I would check out the new merchandise. I haven’t been there since before COVID, over two years ago. Everyone was very friendly and using up the remainder of the gift card was no problem. Again I spent way too much money. https://handknityarnstudio.com/

54658543-9513-4035-A8-BB-CC2-BED691-A04 43-F96568-85-C3-4100-962-D-28232-A506976

After my purchase of yarns I walked around the corner to Arcana Salon https://www.arcanasalon.ca/ to check on the girls. Andrea had another 1 1/2 hours to go, so I walked back towards my car and my favourite coffee shop in Hamilton, Mulberry Coffeehouse https://www.mulberrycoffeehouse.com/. Along the way I stopped to take some photos of flowers and Interesting doors.


Once I was in the coffeehouse, I ordered a tea and a breakfast sandwich. It was very busy, as it always is and I was lucky to find a seat at a counter. I pulled out the book that I am currently reading but I didn’t get too far. Josie walked in with her new haircut and wanted to visit the Farmers’ Market which was within walking distance from the cafe. When I finished my tea we made the trek to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market and we were delighted to see that most of the vendors had survived the COVID restrictions and closures. I purchased two large bunches of basil and garlic after overhearing another customer talk about making pesto with his purchase. I thought it was a great idea. In the next post I’ll show you our busy day making and putting the pesto into jars.

Andrea met us at the market. We walked around a little bit more and I treated myself to a bunch of flowers. My Dad also enjoyed buying flowers for me and my husband used to do it weekly. We headed back to the car with our bags of produce in hand and then made our way back to Toronto.

That evening we shared a meal together and I cooked up the spaetzle that I bought earlier. Kevin had made a lovely beef stew that complimented the German noodles perfectly. To burn off some of the calories from our meal, the girls and I and Olive went for a long walk through the neighbourhood. What a perfect day!


Cooking in France

….One of Kevin’s must do experiences

With all the wonderful produce and selections of meat Kevin really wanted to cook an authentic French meal. The area in and around Tours is known for it’s pork so after some thoughtful research he decided to cook Medallions of pork in a port mushrooms sauce.

We took a trip to the market and bought the most expensive cut of pork behind the counter. Over at the vegetable stall we picked up mushrooms and green beans and from the wine store we purchased a port and local bottle of Envol wine.

Back in the apartment the challenge began and I mean challenge. We had a two burner cooktop a two smallish pans to prepare a dinner for five.

Suces sur!

Squares from the Past -Literally…October 10, 2021

….thanks to Becky B for hosting October Squares

These two photos were taken at the McMichael Gallery, depicting an old fireplace and cooking utensils used over 100 years ago. https://beckybofwinchester.com/2021/10/10/past-squares-10/


Cee’s Midweek Madness Photo Challenge – O in the Middle

….thanks to Cee for hosting CMMC https://ceenphotography.com/2021/09/22/cmmc-september-alphabet-must-have-an-o-in-the-middle-of-the-word/

All the subjects in these photos have an ‘o’ in the middle of the word.

EtObicOke Creek flOwing ThrOugh Marie Curtis Park

RenOvator hard at wOrk
StOnes On the shOre
COOking at the cOttage
WOOden SpOOn
LOts of SOil
Full MOOn

Bread is my Enemy

….I love it but it doesn’t love me back

My husband and I have been busy cooking and baking and one of the things we’ve made and eaten together is bread. We baked the last loaf today. I haven’t sampled it yet but my husband had some with his tea about an hour ago. I’ve already gained two pounds plus and if this social isolation goes on much longer I’ll gain back all the weight that I lost last year.8714424-B-11-CC-4885-8-CC2-418-FA1-C91-F2-E


Day 20 of the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

….thanks to Rainee for introducing me to the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

I’m a bit behind this week posting all my creativity actiivities. Sometimes to get creative you host other people like we did on Sunday and other times you get creative or are inspired by creativity at work. This week I was inspired by the creativity of my granddaughter’s pizza making skills and the pizza making skills by 14 children at Montgomery’s Inn who were attending an all day workshop where one of the activities involved making and personalizing their own pizzas.

I very much enjoyed helping our granddaughter with making her pizza and walking around on Tuesday and giving guidance to the boys and girls at Montgomery’s Inn.


30 Day Creativity Challenge – Day 1

…Happy New Year everyone!

Lorraine over at All About Words is encouraging all of us to get creative with her 30 day creativity challenge. Today I did something that I haven’t done in awhile and that is bake a cake from scratch. I was going to a New Year’s Levee today and it was the perfect excuse to pull out my new Kitchen Aid mixer and try a new recipe that I saw on-line.

Everything went very well until I tried to remove the two cake pans from the oven. As soon as I opened the door the rack fell and the pans slid sideways. I managed to remove the pans but the cake batter from the larger pan oozed out onto the counter. That could only mean one of two things; the oven wasn’t working or I accidentally turned the oven off when I put the cakes inside. Luckily it was the latter problem. I re-re-heated the oven and started again.

Thankfully the second time the cakes came out perfectly. I iced them with freshly whipped cream and put raspberries and blueberries on top. As a final touch I dusted them with icing sugar.A4895866-CCF9-4F1C-B149-185C0704BB9A