Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Resolutions

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Every year I find myself making the same resolutions….lose weight, continue to walk daily, eat healthy. This year I’m going to add two more resolutions. Make art at least weekly and visit my family in New Brunswick and in London once or twice. Of course making resolutions doesn’t work if you don’t have a plan to meet your goals.

For Christmas I received a new Fitbit so sticking to my plan of walking at least 10 000 steps a day makes that goal easier to track. My course of action is to try and get out before noon for a walk with my camera, walk instead of driving to shop at the top of the street and when I do need to use the car park as far from the entrance as possible.


I already eat pretty healthy. I just need to stop snacking in the evenings. To do this I’m going to make art in my studio or read a book in a room away from the kitchen. In the past I resolved to make art every day but I found that goal was unattainable. Instead I’m looking to work at my art table at least once a week. I’ve also signed up to do another solo show in May so I’m motivated to make more art.

A Healthy Meal
White asparagus salad
My first solo art show in 2022
Visiting our son in London last April
Visiting our daughter in New Brunswick last October

I always find it helpful to post a photo of me so I have a before photo. Not the most attractive photo but it was taken a few days ago. It clearly reminds me of how I need to make better food choices and stop eating in the evening.


Windows from the East Coast – November 14, 2022

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I wish I had more examples of windows from my visit to New Brunswick but because so many museums and places of interest were closed for the season, we concentrated more on the scenery and beaches. Not sure what the wine was like at Magnetic Hill winery. We drove by on our back to the airport and stopped for only a few minutes.

Side view of the court house
Unfortunately everything was closed for the season
Would have loved to have seen these windows from the inside
Magnetic Hill Winery
Beautiful view overlooking Moncton, N.B.
House up the hill from the winery

Thursday Trios – Scarecrows and Zinnias

back in PEI I saw these three scarecrows in front of the ice-cream store and the trio of flowers when I got back home


If you have a trio or two to share, just copy my link and paste it into your post. I will get a pingback and will be sure to leave a comment.

Texture Tuesday – November 8, 2022

love the texture of peeling paint

These lobster bouys are painted different colours to identify the fishing boat that they come from and it makes it easier for the fisherman to see where their lobster traps are located. Over time, of course the paint begins fade and blister.


Pull Up a Seat – Seating from the East Coast

thanks to XingFu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat https://xingfumama.blog/2022/11/04/pull-up-a-seat-photo-challenge-2022-week-43-2/

On my recent travels to New Brunswick I came across a few interesting resting places.

Even steps make great places to sit
A fun and moving seat for seven year olds
A place to pause and retie your shoes on the hike to Hopewell Rocks
A welcome resting spot after exploring Hopewell Rocks
At the lookout at Fundy National Park
The most interesting and artistic seating just outside my daughter’s studio

Day 4 – P.E.I, Confederation Bridge, Beaches and Red Soil

On Day 4 we took another road trip but this time we headed east toward Prince Edward Island.

There are two ways to get to the island by car. One is taking a ferry and the second is crossing over on the Confederation Bridge. The bridge is 12.5 kilometres long and is only two lanes. We were wondering what happens when the bridge needs repairs. Well just as those words left our mouths we started to slow down. Luckily it was not a busy day and the construction only affected about 50 metres of the bridge. Once we passed the workers traffic resumed at the normal rate.

The unfortunate part about travelling to PEI on November 1st is that most of the museums and points of interest have closed for the season but the plus side is that the place isn’t swarming with tourists.

Cows Creamery is a big deal in this part of the world and it was opened today.

PEI is famous for its red soil, potatoes and north shore beaches.

On the drive home we drove into the sun but we also experienced a beautiful sunset.

Day Two in New Brunswick…Walking on the Ocean Floor, Lobster Roll, Bay of Fundy National Park and Cape Enrage

Sunday was a very busy day. We started out at 9:00 in the morning and drove to Hopewell Rocks. When we got there the tide was out and we were able to walk on the ocean floor and explore the caves.

Alma’s Lobster Shop
Lobster Roll

After walking 8000 steps we were in need of some nourishment so be we drove to the town of Alma. We stopped at the Lobster Store and I ordered a lobster roll. It was on my bucket list of one of the things I wanted to eat while out here. Unfortunately, I have discovered that some of my tastebuds are not working as they should since I had COVID. As a result I am not able to give a fair review of the meals that I’ve eaten.

After our meal we drove to Fundy National Park. This was one of the few places in New Brunswick that was actually opened to the public, Most places are closed after Thanksgiving but it doesn’t stop people from visiting. You have to park outside the entrance and walk to get in. All the information centres and refreshment facilities are closed. The upside is that you can see these places for free.

Lookout over the Bay of Fundy

Our last stop on our way home was the lighthouse at Cape Enrage.

Cape Enrage derives its name from the large reef that extends south into Chignecto Bay, which causes the water off the point to become extremely violent, particularly at half tide when the reef is partially exposed and the water is moving quickly.

After being on the road for seven hours it was good to get back to my room and relax for an hour before dinner.