Kammie’s Odd Ball Challenge – Jan. 9, 2020

…thanks to Kammie for hosting the Odd Ball Challenge

Unusual house numbers observed on one of my walks.


A swan ornament that’s seen better days.


Gas pipes


Ski Lift in a store window display


What’s left of my daughter’s Christmas Tree


A Photo a Week – At Play

…thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting A Photo a Week

My granddaughter and her second cousin got together last week and all seemed to go well as they chased each other around the room, giggling and laughing as they ran. That is until he caught her and accidentally pushed her into the wall. I could tell that it hurt and it took a few minutes of mommy cuddles to calm her down. The two cousins continued to play but the age difference of two years clearly affected how they played. My granddaughter is four and her cousin is two. She was fascinated with his computer game and he didn’t want her to play with it. He liked her stuffed toy but preferred to throw it around. I’m sure as they get older they’ll have more in common. Time will tell.DEAEAB38-06A4-4085-AC77-B87BDC8F2F8B440F3AA0-2CAB-4B12-A3AC-056ADA3431E35F21CC92-0EF2-4880-8890-E634ED3559C2

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Hot and/or Cold

….thanks to Cee for hosting  the Black and White Photo Challenge

Hot Summer Day


Cold Winter WeatherE7A43847-830A-4390-A077-42A8A9CBACBF_1_201_a874BFC77-DB7D-4ADD-9FC6-430FCF37C09D_1_201_a

A Hot Oven on a Cold Snowy DayEAA377CD-1344-4E8A-935B-B59D326CD982_1_201_a

Which Way Photo Challenge – Last Week in December

…thank to Alive and Trekking for hosting the Which Way Photo Challenge

Signs, roads, sidewalks, bicycle paths and driveways in my neighbourhood……