Six on Saturday – May 29, 2021

….thanks to the Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday is all about recording our work in our gardens and posting six photos related to the job. This Saturday was very busy at my house. During the week I had 2 tonnes of gravel and a tonne of soil delivered to my driveway.

Saturday morning my crew that normally cuts my grass came over to earn a few extra dollars and help me out at the same time. Prior to Saturday they had already made three trips to the house to pull up the weeds and level the area at the back of my yard.

After laying down the landscaping fabric they started to haul the stone to the back. It took close to three hours to finish the job but I’m very happy and can’t wait to find a fire pit to set up in the middle of my gravel sitting area.


While the boys were working with the gravel I spent my time hauling soil from the driveway to the raised beds, planter boxes and garden beds. I also planted a few more flowers and herbs and moved stones to create new areas for planting. I was dead tired and a bit sore by the end of the day but it was worth it.


Garden Sculptures

….thanks to Kelly from No Fixed Plans for hosting Sculpture Saturday

Interesting sculptures found in my neighbourhood’s gardens.


Still Enjoying the Bounty from the Garden

….can’t get over the beans….they just keep producing more

I’m pretty sure that we’re done with the beans now but I see lots of cherry tomatoes still on the vines and the beans that didn’t get picked early enough are now providing a lot of seeds for next years garden. Even the pumpkin plant has a couple more small pumpkins on the vine. The three that I picked should make some nice soup and one is definitely going to Winnie when I see her this week (or at least when I see her mother).

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Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge – Sept. 18, 2020

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting the

Earlier this week I drove to the Women’s Art Association of Canada or WAAC building downtown to help clean up the garden in the back. They are suppose to be hosting a wedding this Saturday. Our COVID numbers were coming down in Ontario but recently they have started to spike again. There is talk of lowering the number of people allowed to gather in outdoor spaces again but the organizers don’t think that this will affect the wedding this weekend where about 30 people are expected to attend.

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Hopefully these chairs will be in use on Saturday. If not it’s for a good reason.