Seven Day Challenge – Day 3

I received this challenge from my blogging friend Cee over at  Cee’s Photography  

Rules are

  • Seven days.
  • Seven black and white photos of your life.
  • No people.
  • No explanation.
  • Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Jodi over at The Creative Life in Between.  If anyone wants to play, feel free to jump in and start your own Seven Day Challenge.


WPC – Pedestrian

….how would you interpret this week’s WPC theme of  pedestrian


  1. a person walking along a road or in a developed area.
    synonyms: walker · person on foot · foot traffic
  1. lacking inspiration or excitement; dull:
    “disenchantment with their present, pedestrian lives”
    synonyms:dull · boring · tedious · monotonous · uneventful ·


Mundane Monday Challenge – #129

….Mundane Monday Challenge #129

Taken last year when my macro lens was still new and I had no idea how to use it. Wish I had taken more shots of this but I didn’t know how to change the settings at the time.