Tree Square – Morning Sun Through the Trees

….thanks to Becky B for hosting Tree Square in July

The last few days in Toronto we’ve been adversely affected by the forest fires in north western Ontario. Hard to imagine that a forest fire thousands of kilometres from us could affect our air quality but it has. There was a haze that hung over the city and many people claimed they could smell the smoke. In the mornings the sun had an orange tinge to it and at night the moon glowed like a pumpkin. This is what the sun looked like as it came up through the trees in our backyard.


Water, Water Everywhere – June 27, 2021

thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere

I never tire of walking through Col. Sam Smith Park and now that summer is officially here the paths and walkways are particularly busy with walkers, runners and cyclists. Sometimes I like to veer off onto the many beaches throughout the park and find a log to sit on and just enjoy the shoreline.


Monday Murals – June 7, 2021

…..a new perspective of some old favourites

Funny when I took these shots last week I thought they looked refinished. Somehow they seemed brighter and even new but when I checked a previous Monday Mural they were the same ones. These photos, however, are from a slightly different perspective. Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic because the building they’ve been painted on has been sold and there’s a chance that it may come down. That of course means that these iconic murals will be lost forever.


Thanks to Sami for hosting Monday Murals

Water, Water Everywhere – Not What You Were Expecting

thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere

As I was sitting in the car and going through the carwash I decided to take photos from inside the car as the water and colourful soap blasted my front window.


This photo is clearly was not taken inside the carwash but it’s hard to imagine that it was taken today, on the icy shores of Lake Ontario and not on a beach in Brazil.

The kayakers, jet skiers, and boaters were also out today.