30 Day at Home Challenge – Indoor Portrait Photography

….thanks to Leanne Cole for hosting the 30 Day at Home Challenge

On Day 5 we were asked to take indoor portrait photos. Seeing that I’m not seeing anyone these days and that my husband doesn’t like it when I take his photo I’ve gone into the archives of recent photos and found these. One is a selfie and the other is my granddaughter, who I miss very much.9-E1295-BD-AB54-4403-B3-AD-9-F359-CC1733-F-1-201-a

Care Package for a Four Year Old

….every other day my husband and I have been making art for our granddaughter

Earlier in the week our daughter asked the family to send mail to her daughter because she was missing her family and friends. Kevin and I quickly pulled out our art supplies and started to make fun pictures and booklets. Winnie is very much looking forward to Easter so most of our projects have an Easter theme.

In our first package I made a video of what we put in the envelope but my storage space is full with WordPress so I can’t post it here. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen that video. For the second envelope I made another video but I also made photographs.

Winnie and her Mom want to decorate the house for Easter so I made a bunch of hand painted Easter eggs on watercolour paper and Kevin drew her some more bunny pictures. So much fun. We hope she gets them soon. In the meantime I’ve been finding classic children’s stories on Youtube and have sent her the link so that she gets a story or two a day sent by her Oma (that’s me). She loved Strega Nona and The Emperor’s New Clothes.