More UpSquare Trees – January 30, 2021

….thanks to Becky B for hosting January Squares

I’ve posted an uprooted tree earlier in the challenge but this one is spectacular. We discovered it on our walk through Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. Another uprooted or fallen tree had an interesting hollowed out core and I found myself looking up into the hollows of this tree.

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Looking Up – Getting Up and Moving Forward

thanks to Becky B for hosting January Squares

On Day 7 we need to find joy in the world and not look down or backwards. Children teach us to look up and out as they explore their world. Our granddaughter brings us UPmost joy. I know it should be utmost but due to the challenge I’m taking some literary license.

The first photo was taken by her father when they went on a hike through the woods. He swears she did not pose for this shot. This stance came out of the blue. The second photo was taken by me. She was looking up at me as I stood on the porch (six feet apart).

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Looking Up – Day 2 of the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

….thanks to All About Words for hosting the Creativity Challenge

Today I decided to play with the camera on my iPhone. I went to the mall to return a Christmas gift for my father and I noticed that if you look up there are some very interesting designs on the walls above the stores. I was more interested in the patterns and designs than the store names but you might recognize some of retail establishments in my montage of photos.B1-F5-E2-D2-46-A2-4433-94-B9-DAE8-B3419-A83

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Looking Up

….a little late with this one but thanks to Something to Ponder for hosting this week’s challenge