Sketching from Prompts

and another flower

Three years ago my daughter bought me a book of 500 art prompts. The first couple of weeks I was pretty good at sketching the prompts but for some reason I was hung up on the next prompt in the book and put it aside. For some reason I have a need to do the prompts in order and not skip any. I should have kept the book in plain sight but I put it back into my book shelf and forgot about it. Today I did the next two prompts and will keep the book next to my pens.

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January Squares….SoUP for sUPper

thanks to Becky B for hosting January Squares

Day 2 of SquareUp. Today I chose to find words with Up in them. While shopping at the top of the street I was thinking of this challenge and wondering how I could include supper in this post. Then I remembered that I had a pot of soup on the stove that I made earlier today for tonight’s supper. Easy peasy!


It was delicious by the way. Sausage meatball and ravioli in a chicken broth with some veg for extra goodness.

Looking Up – Day 2 of the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

….thanks to All About Words for hosting the Creativity Challenge

Today I decided to play with the camera on my iPhone. I went to the mall to return a Christmas gift for my father and I noticed that if you look up there are some very interesting designs on the walls above the stores. I was more interested in the patterns and designs than the store names but you might recognize some of retail establishments in my montage of photos.B1-F5-E2-D2-46-A2-4433-94-B9-DAE8-B3419-A83