Warming Up With Sketchbook Revival – Day 2

….I’m not committing to doing the art each day but today’s lessons intrigued me and helped me warm up for my next painting

Today’s lessons were both focused on creating art around a blob of colour. Koosje Koene gave the first lesson using watercolour and Mike Lowery used markers. Both were fun to do and got me ready to paint on my next painting for my solo show in May.


RDP – Coddle

thanks to Ragtag Daily Prompts for today’s prompt….coddle https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2023/01/09/rdp-monday-coddle/


verb cod·​dle ˈkä-dᵊl  coddled; coddling

1: to cook (something, such as eggs) in liquid slowly and gently just below the boiling point (coddled the eggs for the Caesar salad)

2: to treat with extreme or excessive care or kindness PAMPER (accused the court of coddling criminals)

The older Lucy got she was coddled more and more
A proud great granddad coddling his first great grandchild
A pampered day for Kevin’s car – cleaned inside and out

RDP – Monday – Soil

thanks to RDP for this unusual daily prompt https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2022/09/12/rdp-monday-soil/

Have you ever ordered soil for the garden and then later in the season when nothing is growing you wonder what on earth you were sent. I even gave some of that bag of soil away to the neighbours because it was more than I needed and they discovered the same problem. The soil became hard and clumpy and very little grew where it had been placed. I’ll never order from that garden centre again. They just ignored my complaint.

Prepping the garden beds
A promising bag of premium soil?????
Compacted soil at the cottage
Is sand considered soil?
A layer of leave over the soil….a promise of a rich compost in the spring

Wishing the World Peace and Harmony

….difficult to paint when I’m seeing so many negative images on TV

I continue make art every day but on Day 6 of my March Art Challenge I needed some positive symbols of peace. For my warm-up activity I found these Chinese characters of Peace and Harmony.


International Handwriting Day

January 23rd was International Handwriting Day

I know I’m now a couple of days late to make this announcement but at the time I thought it was interesting. Handwriting really has become a lost art. In honour of the day I created a simple piece of art and second abstract piece.

8-B35-A5-B9-6611-4-F4-E-BF40-3-C680052-AAB4 09-A9-CBE0-E210-405-E-95-CE-D46-E8-A701299-1-201-a

My Art Challenge – Days 11 and 12

….finished way too late last night to post my finished piece

Yesterday I was inspired by Lisa Congdon after watching one of her art videos. I really enjoy making line drawings of flowers and Lisa takes it a few steps further by adding lots of mark details and another thing that I love, collage. Adding all the marks is very time consuming but also very meditative and I think that’s why I lost track of time when I made this piece.

DDD7-C006-DECF-4499-99-D0-B517810-B8-AD3-1-201-a FD5734-AC-91-F2-41-EE-9573-FB884762-D835-1-201-a

The second photo is the piece that I just finished today. After not being very happy with my last ‘family portrait’ for Carla Sonheim’s class I decided I would try another. I’ve discovered that if I take my time and let things dry before moving on I get a much better result. Also this time I really enjoyed the assignment where as with the first attempt I wasn’t having much fun.