Whatsoever is Lovely …..week 16….Spending 24 Days With our Granddaughter

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Our trip to Europe, France and London to be exact, was a blessing because we got to spend every day with our youngest granddaughter. Sevin is just two so of course there were moments when everything wasn’t sunshine and lollipops but for the most part we loved spending time with her and now that we are back home she asks her parents where are Oma and Big Papa.


Painting With an Almost Two Year Old

using watercolour

Over the holidays our granddaughter from England came for a visit with her parents. When Winnie, our first granddaughter was very young I used to frequently see how much direction she would take when we did art together and I was always surprised at how much she would remember from one visit to the next. As she got older she wanted to be the one giving directions and we had to follow her lead when we did art together.

On this recent trip, Sevin’s parents asked me if I would do watercolour with her. It was a medium that up to this point they hadn’t tried with her. I wasn’t sure if she was old enough but I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained so after spending a week with us and becoming more and more comfortable with us we set up a painting station on the dining room table. Mama and Papa went out for a walk and Sevin and I started the painting process. We taped down the paper and I tried to teach her how to wet the brush and dip it into the paint. She loved making puddles on the paper and seeing how the colours reacted with each other. I talked about how red and blue make purple (two colours she gravitated to the most) and how we should clean the brushes between colours. It didn’t always work but when one painting was done I quickly removed it from the board and taped down a new piece of paper. We did this as least five times.

While we painted, her grandfather came along and joined us. It was a real family affair. After some of the paintings dried I showed Sevin how to add more marks to the painting, using crayons. She has a nice swirl technique that she added to one of the paintings and it ended up being the painting we matted and will probably frame. When her parents returned from their walk they were most impressed with what Sevin had accomplished and I think they may try this when they get back to London.


Sculpture Saturday – Taking in Art at the AGO Before the Lockdown

last Tuesday, Brendan, Sevin and I decided to go to the AGO

When I booked the tickets I knew that Tuesday would be the last day before another lockdown here in Ontario. Frankly I was quite surprised at how many people had the same idea, especially since it was a Tuesday and many people were back to work, mostly remotely, but none the less there was a bit of a line-up to get in even with timed tickets.

I really wanted to see Picasso’s Blue Period but Sevin was not really into this show so we walked through quickly. Hopefully I can go back when the lockdown is lifted.


One of my favourite areas of the AGO is the Galleria Italia with its floor to ceiling windows and beautiful wooden arched beams. I thought Sevin would enjoy this more and of course she found a seat to sit in right away. Since COVID the cafe in the galleria is closed and the tables have been removed. In its place a number of bronze sculptures are prominently displayed.

Sunbird II by Soral Etrog, 1962
Andrieu D’Andres by Auguste Rodin, 1888-89
Eustache de Saint-Pierre by Auguste Rodin, 1887
Fisher-boy Dancing the Tarantella by Francisique-Joseph Duret, 1883

Pull Up a Seat at the ROM With Sevin

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Last week my son and I, along with my granddaughter took a car ride to the Royal Ontario Museum. My son really wanted to see the Photography exhibit and I knew that Sevin would be less than impressed. I was, however quite surprised when I saw how easily she amused herself. It wasn’t the photos that caught her attention but the chairs that were placed throughout the exhibit.


Life in Colour – Hints of Gold

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From the golden hour to yellow golds to autumn golds and even a touch of gold in a painting and my granddaughters gold sweater…..


Sunday Stills – Celebrating National Pets and Kids Day

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After doing a little research I did discover that today, April 26th is recognized as National Pets and Kids Day in the U.S. It is intended to raise awareness of the importance of picking the right pet for children at the right time. It’s an important decision that can lead to a lifetime of bonding between pet and child.

We have been pet owners for over 30 years. Our first pet, other than gold fish, was a golden retriever followed by a second golden. They were great dogs to have around children. When the kids grew up we adopted a mutt who instantly became my husband’s dog. Our daughters both became dog owners when they set up their own homes and our son who has moved about Europe for the last 15 years is sans a pet.

Lucy – Our daughter, Gaelan’s dog
Frances and Lucy – best friends for 14 years
I have to admit that I was nervous when I first saw this photo but over the years these two have always gotten along
Our eldest daughter, Andrea with Olive
Frances loving the snow
When Olive and Winnie first met
My cousin’s little boy and dog
Winnie and Lucy five years on
Olive loving the water

Bright Side of Life

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Children always see the bright side of most situations. Rain….that means puddles….that means getting on your rain boots, or not, and jumping into the water to make the biggest splash possible.


Thanks to my daughter and son-in-law for the last two photos that I’ve posted to BrightSquare. When I do get to see my granddaughter she always wears a mask and stays a least six feet away. Got my first vaccine yesterday and hope that in two to three weeks we can see each other again. Right now the whole province is in lockdown again.