Odd Sentiments – Square Odds

….found these ‘sentiments’ hanging in the bushes down at the park

Sentiments is the word a passerby used when I pointed out these wreaths hanging from the shrubs at the edge of the park. What I found even more odd was that each wreath had a ring either hanging on the wreath or hanging on a branch close by. I have no idea what the sentiment symbolizes or whom it represents. Has anyone out there seen something like this before and do you know what they represent?

Thanks to Becky B. for hosting Square Odds https://beckybofwinchester.com/2022/02/18/the-square-odds-18/


Funky Frog Friday is Back – February 18, 2022

….Tonguely and the gang are at the Olympics

Tonguely’s bobsled team reminds me of the Jamaican team back in 1988. They captured the world’s attention and gave it their all. Now they are back in 2022 in China. Good luck guys. Tonguely looks like he’s having fun but I’m not sure he understands the skill involved in this dangerous sport.


Thursday Trios – February 18, 2021-#8

….if you have photos of anything with three people or three things why not join the fun

This week I’m posting a photo of my great grandmother and her two older sisters. I suspect that this photo was taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s. My great grandmother was married in 1902.


If you’d like to join the challenge, simply copy my link and paste it into your post. Have fun.