Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds Beginning with the Letter E

….thanks to Lisa Coleman from Our Eyes Open for hosting the Bird Weekly Challenge

Emus are flightless birds and second in size only to the ostrich. This large bird originates from Australia and forages on seeds and plants. My photos are from the High Park Zoo where two of these magnificent birds reside.

245-C5041-F55-A-417-B-9415-A522-EAEA2-A63-1-201-a EE08214-E-A07-E-4299-8-D6-E-727948-A33240 1-A924-D45-94-C9-433-B-8-BBE-0-F87-DFF030-DC 59-DD56-C8-DF5-D-4096-975-C-BF8-E6305-ACD4-1-201-a

Water, Water Everywhere – Tiffany Falls

….thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere

For this week’s #67 challenge I have photos of Tiffany Falls to share with you. Earlier this week my husband and I had quite the adventure getting to this beautiful waterfall in Ancaster, ON.

Ancaster is just south of Hamilton and Tiffany Falls is just one of over 100 waterfalls in the area. Two weeks ago this waterfall was completely frozen. You could actually walk behind the frozen wall of ice. Since then a lot of the snow has melted but in the wooded areas the snow melted and froze again so the trails were very icy. Before we started out my husband lent me his ice cleats but that meant he didn’t have anything on the bottom of his shoes.

There were parts of the path, especially when it went uphill that were so slippery I didn’t even trust the cleats. At one point a nice gentleman who also had cleats on his shoes helped me over a rise on the path. Unfortunately it was at this point that my husband stopped and didn’t try to get closer to the falls. Luckily he was able to see it from where he stopped and his camera allowed him to zoom in and get a closer look. I walked all the way to the lookout. In some of the photos you’ll notice that there is a family that went right to the base of the falls.

2-FE99946-8-E83-4940-BCD6-00-A0-FDA088-A3 8-C3-E9-A90-13-DD-40-D8-B220-81-FBC66-A8804 02-F8-C36-B-D77-B-405-C-A8-B6-7-B524-E5-ADDBA 67648-CFA-97-D8-492-D-BFBE-DFE15-E8-C8416 CC388-BDA-1258-4-DCA-97-F3-B48-D1-C8338-BC 745-D64-F8-3494-44-FA-B503-EADF51571618 5-B141019-B6-FF-490-A-B13-D-96-C60-C626591 A90-B6-C87-00-E0-4399-A980-2128-CE903352 19-A2-CADA-FC40-4-DF0-A848-ED0323-F71790

When we got home I immediately ordered a second pair of ice cleats.

Monday Murals – Art Commissioned for Our Enjoyment

thanks to Sami from Colourful World for hosting Monday Murals

I love murals and street art. Sometimes we see things so often, almost daily, and we take it for granted. In my neighbourhood there are lots of murals that have been commissioned over the years that I had completely forgotten about when thinking of this challenge. Here are just a few of the murals that are close together in my neck of the woods.

27-A085-CF-FE35-4-A9-B-A277-0-A2-B4025-BA1-E C67362-C0-7-BF3-442-A-981-B-06145-DD29-B78 2311-B149-2-D6-F-4-E9-F-8-B74-FE329722564-B

This last one is my favourite. It almost feels like there is an actual Mountie up on a ladder painting the last bit of red on the wall. Notice his horse waiting for him on the other side of the bus shelter.

Water, Water Everywhere – #63

….thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere

Drips, drops and blobs of coloured water. When you don’t get outside you need to come up with some inventive water pictures. I always have water on my art table and I started playing with the water, brushes and paints.

A7933-D6-F-6-EE0-4-A6-F-9-DDE-4-AEA0575436-B 9-CD24-A00-1915-4721-B39-D-EC5-F489676-ED-1-201-a D44-EEFF3-0-D1-E-477-F-BD42-BF65-EEC6-C5-C1-1-201-a 21-EF89-BC-608-C-4-BED-890-A-A5-CBBF71-E98-C-1-201-a

This eventually became a painting. I’ll put it in my next post.