Friday Fun Challenge – Lichen

thanks to Kate for hosting Friday Fun

I’ve always been fascinated with Lichen. Those dusty colours and frilly textures are very appealing to me. I had to go back into the archives for these shots.

F7309-F19-EB7-F-49-F3-BD41-B2-B10-EF9-FB73 D562711-B-3853-427-A-8-F02-4724922-BAAF9 3-BA64-D5-A-D748-4379-B369-D576-E7-EBDF5-B

Which Way Photo Challenge – Oct. 23, 2020

thanks to Alive and Trekking for hosting the Which Way Photo Challenge

This is my favourite time of year and one of my favourite places in the city of Toronto is High Park. The colours are amazing and magical.

A44-D66-CD-B567-4973-81-EF-2-FE456-B494-E3 1615-F53-C-83-B0-4-F3-E-AC1-C-5-A6-B25-E599-D6 AE1-FCC68-876-C-46-FF-A52-F-9-A4953-EB1-E5-B 90-B1-E430-670-C-42-AB-82-F2-33-A8-D348-F22-F FCBE75-E3-40-F5-4-FAA-B215-15-E2-CF47-F50-C 51-EB4159-48-F6-4397-895-D-F436-F317-D19-C AF8-CFE64-0-E13-4-FDD-B361-A456-A0516478