Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge – Week 13

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting the Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge’

During our trip to the vineyards in the Niagara Region I noticed that a lot of the wineries were preparing for the good weather by bringing out their garden furniture. Unfortunately it’s not quite warm enough to ‘pull up a seat’ and enjoy the great outdoors.IMG-1755

It was quite another story over a Icellars  where the seats were indoors and very comfy for wine tasting.

Between the Lines had some nice chairs inside as well but they seemed more ornamental  than practical.


Thursday Doors – Niagara Wineries

….thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors

Lunch, five wineries, tastings and great company. Today my daughter and daughter-in-law joined my husband and me and together we took a drive down to St. David’s in the Niagara region. I knew ahead of time that I wanted to take part in Norm’s door challenge so I packed my camera bag in search of some great doors and wine of course.

We started out at Ravine where we had a wonderful lunch first and then began our wine tasting adventure. All in all we went to five smaller wineries, tasted some fantastic wine and met some wonderful people who were very passionate about their products.IMG-1754

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Roads: Country, Freeways, Streets, Dirt, etc.

….thanks to Cee for hosting the Fun Foto Challenge

We had an outing today that took us to wine country in the Niagara Region. To get there we travelled on the highway and country roads and over pavement, gravel and dirt.



Confession is Good for the Soul

…..and for quick results on the scale

Earlier in the week I confessed that over the weekend or at least since I’ve been back to school I regained 3 1/2 pounds. Today I’m happy to report that I’ve lost all of it.

I think sharing my ups and downs helps keep me honest and on track. Not only did I admit to the weight gain but I was able to analyze why it happened. One thing that I’ve learned about my body after all these years is that certain foods trigger my urge to eat. Pasta is a killer for me. I also love corn and pork but my digestive system doesn’t and they tend to slow down my metabolism.

Everything in moderation but when I’m trying to lose weight I know that I have to avoid some foods altogether. Years ago, Weight Watchers used to call these foods ‘red light foods’.

I’ve also gotten more sleep in the last few days. I start getting ready for bed by 11:00 and I’m in bed well before midnight. A huge improvement for me. I’m getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night and slightly more on the weekend. The benefits of course are that I’m far more rested and I have a lot more energy.

My new job at school, this week has kept me hopping as well. I’m doing “Art on a Cart” and this week it involved painting. I’ll explain more in a future post but bottom line is I’m on the move in the afternoon more than ever.

Today I made a list of things I wanted to do with my husband. We decided to check out some farmers’ markets in the Niagara region. On our way we stopped at a few wineries as well and I came across this sign. At first I thought how nice it was that they allowed dogs on the premises but I didn’t the get the humour because I only read the top portion. My husband had to direct my eyes to the signature in the bottom corner.

Sometimes choices come with limitations but as this sign points out there are reasons why!