Trios of Chairs at the ROM

….combining Thursday Trios with Xingfu Mama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge

On the weekend we took our granddaughter to the museum. We saw lots of wonderful exhibits and I think Winnie’s favourite was the ancient Egypt exhibit with the mummies. Not only did I see lots of interesting trios but there was a chair exhibit as well.


If you have any photos of trios that you would like to share just copy my link from this post and paste it into your post. I’ll get a pingback and will leave you a comment.

Out Like a Lion

….good-bye March

I know that if March comes in like a lamb it’s suppose to go out like a lion. I’m not sure that this qualifies as a lion but before I went to bed just after midnight I saw this:IMG-1831

….this morning I woke up to this and it’s still snowing.

I don’t know why I’m surprised by this. We get snow in April sometimes. Luckily this won’t last long and it will probably be gone later today.