Water, Water Everywhere…..To Call or not to Call?

…..I live next to Lake Ontario and on the weekend I saw this

Last weekend I went for a walk along Lakeshore Drive and I noticed that there was a person on the lake on a sail board. It was well below freezing and the wind was quite brisk. When I got to Rotary Peace Park I noticed that the surfer was still on the water but he seemed to be in the water more than on the board. He was clearly having trouble navigating the board to shore.


I started to get anxious because every time he fell he seemed to go further out into the lake. There was no boat near by and there were no supporters on the beach in case he ran into trouble. I watched for a long time, worrying that the longer he spent in the water the greater the risk of hypothermia kicking in. I was seconds away from dialling 911 when all of a sudden the surfer got back on the board and finally navigated his way back to shore.


What would you have done if you saw someone struggling in an icy cold lake in January?

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Water, Water Everywhere – December 22, 2021

….it is now officially winter

The greyness of Lake Ontario, the choppy waters and the brisk wind leave no doubt that winter is upon us.


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Water, Water Everywhere – An Evening Walk Along the Shores of Lake Ontario

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October 13, 2021


Water, Water Everywhere – September 20, 2021

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I was just commenting to a friend the other day that it was a shame how early the pools and splash pads close here in the city. The day after Labour Day all the outdoor pools close for the season. I’m sure one of the reasons has to do with the fact that most of their staff consist of students who have to go back to school.

Well colour me surprised today when I found out that the splash pad at Marie Curtis Park still has its water feature working. Just hit the button and all the fountains and water sprayers start to flow. What a great find, especially on a warm day like today.


Water, Water Everywhere – Aug. 5, 2021

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This week I’m featuring Big Sand Bay at sunset.


Water, Water Everywhere – June 27, 2021

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I never tire of walking through Col. Sam Smith Park and now that summer is officially here the paths and walkways are particularly busy with walkers, runners and cyclists. Sometimes I like to veer off onto the many beaches throughout the park and find a log to sit on and just enjoy the shoreline.


Water, Water Everywhere – Different Perspectives of the Shores of Lake Ontario

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I’ve posted many photos of Lake Ontario at the bottom of my street. Today I walked a little further east and took a couple of shots towards downtown Toronto. Then I went a little further east and took a shot of the area I had just come from.


I loved how turquoise the water was today (completely untouched…this is the colour).

Water, Water Everywhere – Not What You Were Expecting

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As I was sitting in the car and going through the carwash I decided to take photos from inside the car as the water and colourful soap blasted my front window.


This photo is clearly was not taken inside the carwash but it’s hard to imagine that it was taken today, on the icy shores of Lake Ontario and not on a beach in Brazil.

The kayakers, jet skiers, and boaters were also out today.