Wacky Bird Wednesday – August 11, 2021

putting the wacky back in Wacky Bird Wednesday

Last week was a bad week for the internet and my computer here at home. I thought I was going to have to take my computer in for service because it took forever to upload photos to my posts. As a result a lot of my regular posts didn’t happen at all and I’ve been making up for it this week. For whatever reason everything seems to be working again.

This week I have two wacky birds to share.


Good Morning

….I went out early this morning for my walk before it got too hot

I’m glad that I got my walk in early because I don’t do well in the heat. I drove to the Farmers’ Market this afternoon and even that short trip exhausted me.


It was also suppose to rain but it’s now 6:30 and we still don’t have rain. I would love a good thunderstorm about now.

New Flower (August 11, 2015) – Climbing Hydrangea

….years ago I saw this plant in my neighbours garden and immediately fell in love

Little did I know how difficult it was to grow. Apparently you have to be very patient. It takes years for the roots to become established and only then will it start to climb. Now I’m having trouble training it to climb upward instead of outward over the walkway.